Barnard Constellations

Photo by Sevan Gatsby

Barnard Constellations Mission Statement

Through Barnard Constellations, students are able to cultivate an intimate group identity within the larger Barnard College community. Barnard Constellations, and the student networks created among them, facilitate service learning projects, mentorship opportunities, and campus and community involvement, ultimately helping students realize a more authentic sense of self.

The Constellations Experience

First-years students become members of one of seven Constellations based on each student’s first- year focus room assignment. Events, projects, and new social networks enable participating first-years to derive a greater sense of identity with the College, its diverse communities, and the dynamic city that Barnard calls home. Each Constellation group is led by exemplary Barnard students known as Constellation Leaders, or (CLs).

The Role of Constellation Leaders (CLs)

The Constellation Leaders guide their Constellation groups through service projects, plan social and academic programs, and maintain an online community specific to their group. CLs serve as leaders, helping new students navigate Barnard, New York City, and their first year on campus. They also serve as liaisons between administrators and student leaders (Residential Assistants, Orientation Leaders, the Student Government Association, etc.) to enhance college-wide collaboration.

Which Constellation are you in?

Each floor is a Constellation. When you receive your first-year room assignment, check the number; for example, if your room number is 410, you will live on fourth floor.

Returning upper-class students and transfer students are also members of a Constellation based on their housing assignment their first year on campus. Where did you live when you first arrived at Barnard? Check out the locations below to discover your Constellation! Commuters join the residents on the second floor and become members of that Constellation.

First-Year Constellation Assignments!

Upperclass and Alumnae Constellation Assignments!

You can discover which Constellation you are a part of by checking the list below. It is very simple! The way this works, is that you are a part of the Constellation that correlates to where you first lived on campus whether you arrived as a First-Year or a Transfer. 

Here are a couple of examples:

  • If you entered Barnard as a First-Year and you moved into your room on the 5th floor of either Reid, Sulzberger or Brooks, you are a member of the Octans!  
  • If you entered Barnard as a Transfer and moved into your room in Elliott, you are a Pictor!

Below are the Constellations and which floors or buildings they are matched with:

  • Fornax - 8th Floor, Hewitt
  • Lyra - 7th Floor, 600s
  • Microscopium - 6th Floor, Cathedral Gardens, Sulzberger Tower, The Lucerne
  • Octans - 5th Floor, 110th Street
  • Pictor - 4th Floor, Elliott
  • Pyxis - 3rd Floor, Plimpton
  • Telescopium - 2nd Floor and Commuters

Each Constellation has a Facebook page, so please join the group today! As Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and alumnae, you have so much experience as members of the Barnard community and we hope you will take some time to get to know the new students as well as other upperclass students in your Constellation.

How do you join a Constellation?

Just click on the Constellation with which you identify and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the link to join!