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Requirements for the Major

Every major is urged to acquire a general knowledge of three of the four fields of anthropology (social and linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and physical anthropology) and of their interrelationship. To this end, the student’s program should be designed in consultation with her adviser as soon as possible after the declaration of the major. Continuing and frequent meetings with the adviser are encouraged.

Eleven courses are required for the major, including:

ANTH V 1002    The Interpretation of Culture

and one of the following introductory classes:
ANTH V 1007    The Origins of Human Society
ANTH V 1008       The Rise of Civilization
ANTH V 1009     Introduction to Language and Culture
EEEB V 1010    The Human Species: Its Place in Nature

ANTH V 3040    Anthropological Theory I
ANTH V 3041    Anthropological Theory II

BC 3871–BC 3872    Senior Thesis Seminar: Problems in Anthropological Research
plus five electives, one of which can be a third introductory level class and three of which must be 3000 level or higher. Moreover, the three 3000 level or higher seminars be taken at Barnard or Columbia (not while on an exchange program during junior year).

In consultation with advisers, programs will be designed to reflect the students’ interests and plans—whether they intend to go on to graduate studies in anthropology or expect to enter other fields.

It is recommended that students who plan to major and in socio-cultural anthropology take BC 3868y (Ethnographic Field Research in New York City) before their senior year. Many seniors choose to incorporate a fieldwork component in their thesis research and having some experience of field methods is extremely important. Those interested in other sub-disciplines may wish to take this or another “methods” course and should consult their advisers. Students are also encouraged to check listings for courses offered by EEEB and ANEB at Columbia for possible Anthropology credit, in consultation with the Barnard department chair.

Senior Essay

All students majoring in Anthropology are required to submit an essay of substantial length and scholarly depth. Such a paper will usually be written during the course of the Senior Seminar (BC 3871–BC 3872).

Double and Joint Majors

Students doing a double or joint major in Anthropology and another subject are required to register for at least one semester of BC 3871–BC 3872.

Requirements for the Minor

The minor consists of five courses: ANTH V 1002; one of the following: ANTH V 1007, ANTH V 1008, ANTH V 1009, or EEEB V 1010; plus three other Anthropology courses two of which must be 3000 level.