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Requirements for the Major

The studio major in Architecture is required to complete 14 courses:

Four studio courses, to be taken one per semester (studio courses have limited enrollment and priority is given to Architecture majors)

ARCH V 3101: Architectural Representation: Abstraction
ARCH V 3103: Architectural Representation: Perception
ARCH V 3201, V 3202: Architectural Design I and II

Required history/theory courses:*

Five elective courses following the distribution requirement below:
ARCH V 3117: Perceptions of Architecture
1- course with a topic that is pre-1750
1- course with a topic that is post-1750
2- electives (it is suggested that one of these be on a non-western topic)

Senior courses:*

1- ARCH V 3901 Senior Seminar
1- either a second Senior Seminar (from our program), a seminar from a related department (and related to student's disciplinary specialization/cluster), Architectural Design III, or Independent Research.

Cluster of related courses:

Three courses which together focus student interest in a related department or departments. (May not overlap with history/theory courses or senior courses.)

Senior Requirements:

Portfolio and Research Paper from Senior Seminar or Senior Course.

*These are courses offered by the architecture major or other applicable courses offered within the University. Students should consult the program office for a list of applicable courses each semester.

Requirements for the History and Theory of Architecture Major

The History and Theory of Architecture major is required to complete 15 courses, plus a senior thesis.

Two studio courses, to be taken one per semester:

ARCH V 3103 Architectural Representation: Perception
ARCH V 3101 Architectural Representation: Abstraction

Seven lecture courses:

Three architecture lectures. One of these must be ARC V 3117 Perceptions of Architecture.
Four Art History lectures above and beyond the prior three. Two of these must be AHIS BC 1001, 1002 Introduction to History of Art.

Three seminars to be taken in the junior or senior year.

Two should be in Architecture (see Seminar List and Note under Studio Major), one in Art History.

Three cluster courses in an area of study related to Architecture (see description under Studio Major).

The Architecture program is a liberal arts major, not a professional degree program. It does not qualify students for a license in Architecture.

Requirements for the Minor

The minor in Architecture consists of five courses, including either V 1020, V 3101 or V 3103, three history/theory courses, and a fifth course to be chosen in consultation with the adviser.