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Courses for Human Rights Studies

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Core Courses for Human Rights

HRTS BC 1025 Human Rights in Theory and Practice

Provides a broad overview of the rapidly expanding field of human rights. Lectures on the philosophical, historical, legal and institutional foundations are interspersed with weekly presentations by frontline advocates from the U.S. and overseas. - J. Martin
3 points

HRTS V 3001x or y Introduction to Human Rights

Evolution of the theory and content of human rights; the ideology and impact of human rights movements; national and international human rights law and institutions; their application with attention to universality within states, including the U.S., and internationally.
BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Social Analysis (SOC).. BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Reason and Value (REA)..
3 points

Call Number/
Days & Times/
Instructor Enrollment
Autumn 2014 :: HRTS V3001
MW 11:40a - 12:55p
A. Nathan 117 / 130 [ More Info ]

HRTS BC 3061y Human Rights & the UN in Practice
4 points

HRTS BC 3099x-BC3099y Independent Study

Independent research and writing project. See the website or the program office for application details and deadlines.
1-4 points.

HRTS BC 3099 Human Rights Independent Study
1-4 points.

HRTS V 3190 International Human Rights Law

- B. Cooper

POLS BC 3410y Colloquium on Human Rights in a Diverse World

Exploration of the nature of human rights and questions of their validity and relevance, protection and redefinition, in this world of cultural diversity and diversity of national interests. Syllabus.

- A. Gundogdu
Prerequisites: POLS V1301 or W3001 or the equivalent. Admission by application through the Barnard department only. Enrollment limited to 16 students.
4 points

HRTS BC 3560x Human Rights and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

Examines the evolution of the ideas, institutions and practices associated with social justice in Africa and their relationship to contemporary international human rights movement and focuses on the role of human rights in social change. A number of themes will re-occur throughout the course, notably tensions between norms and reality, cultural diversity, economic and political asymmetries, the role of external actors, and women as rights providers. Countries of special interest include Liberia, Senegal, South African and Tanzania.

- J. Martin
Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.
4 points

POLS BC 3601y International Law and the United Nations in Practice

This course provides a board view of the development of the UN, international law and organizations, their evolution and their role in world affairs today. Students study the primary concepts and principles governing international law and organizations, while focusing on contemporary human rights and humanitarian challenges. The course will consist primarily of presentations and discussions, drawing heavily on the practical application of theory to actual experiences and situations. - Paloma Duran
Prerequisites: Enrollment in the course is open to 18 undergraduates who have completed at least one core course in human rights and /or international law.
Admission by permission from Dr. J.Paul Martin, Director, Human Rights Studies, e-mail: jmartin@barnard.edu. This single-semester seminar does not satisfy either the colloquium or senior essay requirement for Barnard Political Science majors. However, it does count toward the ten-course major and five-course minor requirements.

4 points Course not offered in the 2011-2012 academic year.

HRTS BC 3850x Human Rights and Public Health

This seminar introduces students to the field of health and human rights. It examines how to advocate for and implement public health strategies using a human rights framework. It takes note of current international and domestic debates about the utility of a "human rights-based approach" to health, discusses methods and ethics of health-related human rights research, and examines case studies of human rights investigations to explore the role of human rights analysis in promoting public health. - Rebecca Schleifer
Prerequisites: Enrollment in the course is open to 18 undergraduates who have completed at least one core course in human rights and /or international law.
4 points

Call Number/
Days & Times/
Instructor Enrollment
Autumn 2014 :: HRTS BC3850
M 6:10p - 8:00p
R. Schleifer 16 [ More Info ]

HRTS BC 3852x Rethinking Child Protection: A Rights Perspective

This research seminar will identify, and examine the work of the main public and private institutions that address the rights of children within the international human rights regime through the lens of present currents of theory and practice that define and challenge the contemporary consensus and practice in the field of children's rights. Using case studies illustrating children at risk in the context of problems associated with public health, displacement, group identity, poverty, war, humanitarian emergency etc., students will be prepared to complete a paper of original research that draws on diverse sources and addresses one or more of the above questions. - S. Bissell
Prerequisites: Enrollment in the course is open to 18 undergraduates who have completed at least one core course in human rights and /or international law.
Preference to seniors and then juniors.

4-4 points.

HRTS BC 3900y-BC3900y Inequality and Rights

- J. C. Salyer

HRTS W 3930x or y International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

- B. Cronin
4 points

HRTS W 3996y Senior Seminar In Human Rights

Case studies in human rights, examined from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, as a means of exploring various theoretical approaches and research methodologies available for the study of human rights. Students develop individual writing projects in conjunction with readings. - J. Martin
Corequisites: Enrollment limited.
4 points

Cross-Listed Courses


V3977 Trauma

Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race

W3940 Comparative Study of Constitutional Challenges Affecting African, Latino, and Asian American Communities

Economics (Barnard)

BC2010 The Economics of Gender

BC2075 Logic and Limits of Economic Justice

BC3011 Inequality and Poverty

BC3029 Development Economics

BC3039 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

BC3049 Economic Evaluation of Social Programs


W4080 Globalization, Incomes and Inequality

W4465 Public Economics

English & Comparative Literature

W4550 Narrative and Human Rights


W4518 Research Seminar:  Columbia and Slavery

W4584 Race, Technology, and Health

History (Barnard)

BC3664 Reproducing Inequalities: Families in Latin American History

Human Rights

G4810 Religion and Human Rights

Philosophy (Barnard)

V3710 Law, Liberty and Morality

Political Science (Barnard)

W3001 Introduction to Human Rights

V3401 Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe

BC3410 *Colloquium on Human Rights in a Diverse World

BC3505 * Colloquium on Making Democracy Work

BC3521 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

BC3810 *Colloquium on Aid, Politics & Violence in Africa

Political Science

W3245 Race and Ethnicity In American Politics

W3285 Freedom of Speech and Press

V3615 Globalization and International Politics

W3619 Nationalism and Contemporary World Politics

W3690 International Law

W3961 Seminar in International Politics

Religion (Barnard)

W4721 Religion and Social Justice

Sociology (Barnard)

V2230 Food & The Social Order

V3217 Law and Society

V3235 Social Movements: Collective Action

V3324 Poverty, Inequality, and Policy: A Sociological Perspective

BC3909 Ethnic Conflict and Unrest

BC3911 The Social Contexts of U.S. Immigration Law and Policy

BC3913 Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in U.S. Law and Society

W3960 Law, Science, and Society

Women's Studies (Barnard)

W4307 Sexuality and the Law