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Courses for American Studies

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First-years and sophomores encouraged to enroll.

AMST BC 1001y What is American Studies?

What is America? Who is American? How do we live in America? This new lecture course will introduce you to the dynamic, inter-disciplinary field of American Studies. - M. Vimalassery
Prerequisites: None Corequisites: None
3 points

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Instructor Enrollment
Spring 2015 :: AMST BC1001
TuTh 1:10p - 2:25p
M. Vimalassery 16 [ More Info ]

AMST BC 1510x The Profits of Race

Does race appear in American life in the ways we make, distribute, and consume goods? If so, how? Through film, literary criticism, history, ethnography and philosophy, this course will examine how race manifests as an economic relationship. We will focus on the legacies of chattel slavery, the interconnections of race and property, and ongoing struggles for racial justice. The course is grounded in what Cedric Robinson has referred to as the "Black radical tradition": a centuries-long intellectual and political tradition oriented towards contesting the definition of a specific group of people (Black people) as property. We will examine ways that this central economic claim, which underpinned the chattel slavery system, continues to appear in our own society, in prisons, international migration system, residential segregation, underemployment, and other ways. - M. Vimalassery
BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Social Analysis (SOC)..
3 points

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Instructor Enrollment
Autumn 2014 :: AMST BC1510
TuTh 2:40p - 3:55p
M. Vimalassery 12 [ More Info ]

AMST BC 3300x Topics in American Studies: The Wealth of Natives

Indigenous people are often imagined in the distant past, or as living anachronisms in relation to contemporary life. Working against these assumptions, this course examines how Native peoples have survived colonialism, focusing on economic aspects of colonialism in North America. We will look at the long history of Native land struggles, and links between colonial economies and ecological destruction. Themes guiding our inquiry include: the development of wage labor, property law and economic production on Native lands, histories of political and economic dependency, "development" as defined and practiced over Native communities, and Native people's own economic choices. Our inquiry will be oriented towards deepening our ability to critically analyze the colonial situation we live in, and to see Indigenous survivals despite ongoing assaults against life and territory. - M. Vimalassery
BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Social Analysis (SOC)..
4 points

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Instructor Enrollment
Autumn 2014 :: AMST BC3300
Th 12:00p - 1:50p
M. Vimalassery 14 [ More Info ]

AMST BC 3401x Colloquium in American Studies: Cultural Approaches to the American Past

Introduction to the theoretical approaches of American Studies, as well as the methods and materials used in the interdisciplinary study of American society. Through close reading of a variety of texts (e.g., novels, films, essays), we will analyze the creation, maintenance, and transmission of cultural meaning within American society.
BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Social Analysis (SOC)..
4 points

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Instructor Enrollment
Autumn 2014 :: AMST BC3401
W 4:10p - 6:00p
J. Kassanoff 14 [ More Info ]

AMST BC 3703x-BC3704y Senior Seminar

Individual research on topic related to major thematic concentration and preparation of senior thesis.
Prerequisites: Enrollment limited to senior majors.
4 points

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Instructor Enrollment
Autumn 2014 :: AMST BC3703
Tu 4:10p - 6:00p
J. Kassanoff 11 [ More Info ]
Tu 4:10p - 6:00p
M. Vimalassery 6 [ More Info ]
Spring 2015 :: AMST BC3704
Tu 4:10p - 6:00p
J. Kassanoff 7 [ More Info ]
Tu 4:10p - 6:00p
M. Vimalassery 8 [ More Info ]

AMST BC 3999x and y Independent Research
3-4 points.

Cross-Listed Courses

Africana Studies (Barnard)

BC2006 Introduction to the African Diaspora

BC3110 Africana Colloquium: Critical Race Theory

BC3120 History of African-American Music

BC3121 Black Women in America

BC3148 Literature of the Great Migration

Anthropology (Barnard)

V2005 Ethnographic Imagination

V3040 Anthropological Theory I

V3041 Anthropological Theory II

V3300 Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America

BC3868 Ethnographic Field Research in New York City

V3907 Posthumanism

V3950 Anthropology of Consumption

V3954 Bodies and Machines

V3960 The Culture of Public Art and Display in NYC

V3966 Culture, Mental Health and Clinical Practice

V3969 Specters of Culture

V3974 Lost Worlds, Secret Spaces: Modernity and the Child

V3976 Anthropology of Science

V3980 Nationalism: History and Theory

Architecture (Barnard)

V3114 Making the Metropolis: Urban Design and Theories of the City since 1850

Comparative Literature (Barnard)

V3660 Mafia Movies: From Sicily to The Sopranos

V3950 Colloquium in Literary Theory

Dance (Barnard)

BC2565 World Dance History

BC2570 Dance in New York City

BC2575 Choreography for the American Musical

BC2580 Tap as an American Art Form

BC3001 Western Theatrical Dance from the Renaissance to the 1960s

BC3570 Latin American and Caribbean Dance: Identities in Motion

BC3574 Inventing the Contemporary: Dance Since the 1960s

BC3578 Traditions of African-American Dance

BC3583 Gender and Historical Memory in American Dance of the 1930's to the Early 1960's

BC3980 Performing the Political: Embodying Change in American Performance

Economics (Barnard)

BC2010 The Economics of Gender

BC3011 Inequality and Poverty

BC3012 Economics of Education

BC3013 Economic History of the United States

BC3019 Labor Economics

V3265 The Economics of Money and Banking

Education (Barnard)

BC2032 Contemporary Issues in Education

BC3050 Science in the City

English (Barnard)

BC3129 Explorations of Black Literature: Early African-American Lit. 1760-1890

BC3130 The American Cowboy and the Iconography of the West

BC3144 Black Theatre

BC3179 American Literature to 1800

BC3180 American Literature, 1800-1870

BC3181 American Literature, 1871-1945

BC3182 American Fiction

BC3183 American Literature since 1945

BC3196 Home to Harlem: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

BC3998 Senior Seminars: Sense and Disability

Environmental Science (Barnard)

BC3040 Environmental Law

Human Rights Studies (Barnard)

BC1025 Human Rights in Theory and Practice

V3001 Introduction to Human Rights

History (Barnard)

BC1402 Survey of American Civilization Since the Civil War

BC3413 The United States, 1940-1975

BC3424 Approached by Sea: Early American Maritime Culture


V2010 Rock

V2016 Jazz

V2020 Salsa, Soca, and Reggae: Popular Musics of the Caribbean

V3420 The Social Science of Music

W4420 Music and Property

W4507 "The New Thing": Jazz 1955-1980

W4540 Histories of Post-1960's Jazz

Philosophy (Barnard)

V2110 Philosophy and Feminism

Political Science (Barnard)

W1201 Introduction to American Government & Politics

V3212 Environmental Politics

BC3254 First Amendment Values

V3313 American Urban Politics

BC3331 * Colloquium on American Political Decisionmaking

BC3332 * Colloquium on Exploring Political Leadership in the U.S.

BC3521 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

W4316 The American Presidency

Religion (Barnard)

V2505 Judaism

V2645 Religion in Black America: An Introduction

V3602 Religion in America I

V3603 Religion in America II

V3604 Religion in the City

V3610 Religion in American Film

V3650 Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

V3651 Evangelicalism

W4610 Science, Nature, and Religion in 20th Century America

W4614 Defining Marriage: A History of Marriage in the United States

W4620 Religious Worlds of New York

W4630 African-American Religion

W4640 Religion in the American Public Sphere

W4645 American Protestant Thought

W4650 Religion and Region in North America

W4660 Religious History of New York

W4670 Native American Religions

W4721 Religion and Social Justice

W4803 Religion versus the Academy

W4805 Secular and Spiritual America

Sociology (Barnard)

V2208 Culture in America

V3208 Unity and Division in the Contemporary United States: A Sociological View

V3220 Masculinity: A Sociological View

V3227 The Sociology of U.S. Economic Life

V3235 Social Movements: Collective Action

V3247 The Immigrant Experience, Old and New

W3264 The Changing American Family

W3277 Post-Racial America?

W3302 Sociology of Gender

V3318 The Sociology of Sexuality

V3324 Poverty, Inequality, and Policy: A Sociological Perspective

V3901 The Sociology of Culture

BC3903 Work and Culture

BC3907 Communities and Social Change

BC3909 Ethnic Conflict and Unrest

W3936 Sociology and the Public

Spanish and Latin American Cultures (Barnard)

BC3120 Twentieth-Century Puerto Rican Literature

W3350 Hispanic Cultures II: Enlightenment to the Present

BC3455 Empire and Technology in the Colonial World

BC3457 Literatures of the Hispanophone Caribbean


V2002 New York Theatre

BC3139 Modern American Drama and Performance

BC3144 Black Theatre

V3151 Western Theatre Traditions: Modern

Urban Studies

V3420 Introduction to Urban Sociology

V3545 Junior Colloquium: The Shaping of the Modern City

V3546 Junior Colloquium: Contemporary Urban Issues

V3550 Community Building and Economic Development

V3920 Social Entrepreneurship

Women's Studies (Barnard)

V1001 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

BC3121 Black Women in America

BC3125 Pleasures and Power: An Introduction to Sexuality Studies

BC3131 Women and Science

V3311 Feminist Theory

V3312 Theorizing Activism

W4301 Early Jewish Women Immigrant Writers: 1900-1939

W4302 The Second Wave and Jewish Women's Artistic Responses: 1939-1990

W4304 Gender and HIV/AIDS

W4308 Sexuality and Science

W4309 Sex, Gender and Transgender Queries

W4320 Queer Theories and Histories