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Film Studies



The major in Film Studies at Barnard College consists of 12 courses in total, the requirements of which are broken down as follows (please note that most classes are offered only one semester per academic year):

Four Introductory Level Courses

1. FILM BC 3201 (or W 3001) Introduction to Film and Film Theory.  (This is the prerequisite for all further Film courses at Columbia and Barnard.  Open to first-year students.)

2. FILM W 3100 American Film History, 1930-60

3. FILM W 3200 Silent Screen

4. FILM W 3201 International Film History, 1930-60
or W 3202 International Film History 1960-90

Three Intermediate Level Courses

1. FILM R 4005 The Film Medium: Script Analysis

2. FILM W 3050 The Documentary Tradition
or W 4098 Film Theory I

3. FILM W 4145 Topics in World Cinema, or with approval of the Program Director, an appropriate substitution from among the Film electives.

Three Advanced Level Courses:

1. FILM BC 3119 Screenwriting
or FILM W 3005 Laboratory in Writing for Film
or FILM BC 3120 Advanced Screenwriting

2. FILM BC 3200 Production (substitutes for FILM W 3051: Laboratory in Nonfiction Filmmaking or W 3054: Laboratory in Fiction Filmmaking).
or FILM W3051 Laboratory in Nonfiction Filmmaking
or FILM W3054 Laboratory in Fiction Filmmaking

3. ENGL BC 3998 Senior Seminar/Film
or FILM W 3840 Senior Seminar in Film Studies

Two Film Electives

Barnard electives are available in this course catalogue. For Columbia electives, please consult the Columbia Film Studies website.

There is no minor in Film Studies, nor does the Film Studies Program offer independent study or credit for internships.