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The courses in Italian are designed to develop proficiency in all the language skills and to present the literary and cultural traditions of Italy. The program of study is to be planned as early as possible.

The following courses are required unless advanced standing is attained in the Department placement examination:

  • ITAL V 1101-V 1102 Elementary I & II, or
  • ITAL V 1121 Intensive Elementary Italian
  • ITAL V 1201-V 1202 Intermediate I & II, or
  • ITAL V 1203 Intensive Intermediate Italian

Ten courses above V 1202 or V 1203 are required for the major, including:

  • ITAL V 3333-V 3334 Introduction to Italian Literature I & II, or
  • ITAL W 4502-W 4503 Italian Cultural Studies I & II
  • ITAL V 3335 Advanced Italian I
  • ITAL V 3336 or V 3337 Advanced Italian II
  • ITAL V 3993y  Senior Thesis Seminar

plus at least five more courses in Italian including and numbered above ITAL V 3333-V 3334.


A minimum of five courses is required for the minor, to be selected from courses including and numbered above ITAL V 3333-V 3334.


The language requirement can be fulfilled with ITAL V 1101-V 1102 and V 1201-V 1202 or V 1121-V 1203 (or their equivalents). Students who have taken courses in Italian elsewhere (whether in high school, in college, or both) but not at Barnard or Columbia, must take the Italian placement test before registering for any Italian course. The test is given during the preregistration period in 502 Hamilton. Please call 854-8312 or 854-2308 for hours and date.