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There are four majors available to students in the department. Prospective students are encouraged to consult with a member of the faculty as early as possible in order to determine the major track and selection of courses that will best serve her background and interests.

I. Russian Language and Literature:

  • Completion of four years of Russian (V 1101-1102, V 1201-1202, V 3331-3332, and V 3443-3444 or the equivalent). Native speakers of Russian who place out of these courses must substitute at least two of the following courses: V 3430 Russian for Heritage Speakers, W 3010 Masterpieces of 19th- Century Russian Literature, or W 3340 Masterpieces of 20th-Century Russian Literature.
  • Six courses in Russian literature to include V 3220 Literature and Empire: The Reign of the Russian Novel (19th Century), V 3221 Literature and Revolution: Tradition, Innovation, and Politics in Russian Culture (20th Century), and at least two courses with required reading in Russian. Other Russian literature courses may be substituted upon consultation with adviser. With permission of adviser one course on Russia offered in a department other than Slavic may be substituted.
  • V 3595 Senior Seminar.

II. Slavic and East European Literature and Culture:

  • Completion of the third-year course (or the equivalent) in Czech, Polish, Serbo- Croatian, or Ukrainian language.
  • Six courses in literature, theatre or film of the region, potentially including independent study courses.
  • Two courses in related fields (history, art history, music, etc.) to include at least one course in the history of the region.
  • Two semesters of senior seminar or the equivalent leading to the completion of a senior thesis.

Note: A student in this major must design her program in close consultation with her adviser in order to insure intellectual, disciplinary, and regional coherence.

III. Russian Regional Studies:

  • Completion of the four years of Russian (see Russian Language and Literature Major above)
  • Two courses in Russian or Soviet literature (in translation or in Russian)
  • Two courses in Russian history
  • One course on Russia or the Soviet Union in any discipline (history, art history, geography, sociology, economics, literature, political science, etc.)
  • One course in Soviet/post-Soviet politics
  • Two semesters of a senior research seminar or the equivalent in independent study with research to be conducted predominantly in Russian language sources.

Note: In consultation with her adviser, a student may elect to take one or more courses devoted to a region other than Russia that is located on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

IV. Slavic and East European Regional Studies Major-Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian

Identical to the above, but requires the completion of three years of language study and courses taken in the relevant region.


A total of five courses beyond the second year of Russian are required for the minor in Russian Language and Literature.