New York

Art history professor sheds new light on the renowned painting “Young Woman Drawing.”

Prominent Harlem physician and community activist was committed to public health and women in medicine.

Students Excavate in New York City’s Central Park

"Introductory Environmental Science,” students investigate the interplay between rapid urban development and their environmental surroundings.

Constellation Leaders talk about Barnard’s new program geared toward creating a sense of community while helping students navigate the College, the university, and New York City.

Biology professor Hilary Callahan and student intern Rivkah Blutstein '12 discuss the newly planted Sibyl Levy Golden '38 Ecological Learning Center, which will serve as an outdoor classroom beginning this fall.


Anthropology professor Nan Rothschild is spearheading an excavation project this summer in Central Park examining the remains of Seneca Village, an African-American village that was displaced when the park was created in the 1850s.