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Employment Offers and Acceptance Policy

The recruiting program is designed to give Barnard College, Columbia University students’ ample opportunity to interview with various employers and make an informed decision on their employment search.  In order to give students sufficient time to complete their searches we ask employers to abide by the following deadlines for the 2013-2014 recruitment programs:

Overall policy parameters:

• Students will have 14 days from the date an offer is extended to make a decision or until the identified deadlines indicated below, whichever is later.

• The decision timeline begins at the receipt of a written offer for employment to the student.

• Exploding offers and special incentives such as diminishing bonuses and location preference are not tolerated.  Sign on bonuses should be honored when the student accepts the offer within the agreed upon time frame.

• Opportunities identified through student clubs, publications, or other entities on campus are subject to the above guidelines and policies.

• We ask the employers refrain from pressuring students on acceptances and understand the importance of letting candidates make an informed decision.

Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 On Campus Recruiting Offer Deadlines:

• Friday, Nov. 1, 2013       Full-time Offer Deadline for previous Summer Interns

• Friday, Nov. 15, 2013     Full-time Offer Deadline for Fall On-Campus Recruiting

• Friday, February 28, 2014    Internship Offer Deadline for Previous Summer Interns

• Friday, March 7, 2014  Internship Offer Deadline for Summer Interns

Second Round Interview Policy:

Please provide students with 48-72 hour notice so they have sufficient time to arrange their schedules to make themselves available for the second round interviewing opportunity. 

If a student is already scheduled to interview with another employer or has an exam or imperative personal commitment and this possess a conflict please demonstrate reasonable flexibility by providing the student with alternative dates and times for the second round interview.