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Community Organizations Partnership Requests

To request a partnership or collaboration between Barnard College and a community organization, please complete and submit this form, along with any supporting documentation (e.g., marketing brochure of the community organization or nonprofit, etc.) to Vivian Taylor, Vice President of Community Development.  For summer usage you must submit your request by October 1.  All other requests must be submitted with descriptive materials at least 30 days prior to any applicable deadline for your request. If this request is granted any necessary documentation must be submitted in a timely fashion ( i.e. certificate of insurance).

Organization Information
Information on Potential Partnership
In particular, please indicate how this collaboration fits in with the mission of the College, and whether it is a new or continuing partnership. The College’s mission statement can be found at http://www.barnard.edu/about/mission
Ex. marketing brochure of the community organization or nonprofit, etc.
(through organized programs such as the New York City Civic Engagement Program and the Emerging Leaders Program, students clubs, courses, volunteer opportunities, internships, etc.)
(indicate the relevant departments and programs)
(senior administrators, departmental staff such as facilities, admissions, special events, etc.)
May include the following: • Space/Facilities (indicate duration, frequency, and room types/sizes) • Funds (indicate type of funding, which may include grant funds, direct dollars, in-kind) • Materials/Supplies (paper goods, tables, chairs, etc.) • Services (Printing, food, college advisement, career workshop, etc.)