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Medieval & Renaissance Studies

312 Milbank

Chair: Phillip Usher (Assistant Professor)
Acting Chair: Laurie Postlewate (Senior Lecturer)

This program is supervised by the Committee on Medieval and Renaissance Studies:

Professors:  Christopher Baswell (English), Elizabeth Castelli (Religion), Alan Gabbey (Philosophy), Achsah Guibbory (English), Kim Hall (English), Joel Kaye (History), Keith Moxey (Art History), Peter Platt (English), Anne Lake Prescott (English), Deborah Valenze (History)
Assistant Professors: Orlando Bentancor (Spanish and Latin American Cultures), Phillip Usher (French)
Senior Lecturer: Laurie Postlewate (French), Timea Szell (English)

Columbia University Faculty:

Professors: Peter Awn (Religion), Teodolinda Barolini (Italian), Susan Crane (English), Kathy Eden (English), Carmela Franklin (Classics), Jean Howard (English), Martha Howell (History), Christia Mercer (Philosophy), Stephen Murray (Art History), David Rosand (Art History), James Shapiro (English), Robert Somerville (Religion), Paul Strohm (English), 
Associate Professor: Jo Ann Cavallo (Italian), Julie Crawford (English), Matthew Jones (History), Holger Klein (Art History), Adam Kosto (History), Pamela Smith (History)
Assistant Professors: Patricia Dailey (English), Molly Murray (English), Neslihan Senocak (History)


The Medieval and Renaissance program at Barnard College is designed to enable students to acquire both a broad knowledge of the European Middle Ages and/or Renaissance and a richer and more detailed understanding in one area of concentration chosen by the student.  Students can elect to concentrate in one of the following disciplines: art history, history, literature, philosophy, romance languages and cultures, music, or religion.  We encourage our students to take advantage of relevant courses taught at Columbia as well as at Barnard, with the result that more than sixty courses are currently listed as approved for the major.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a major in Medieval and Renaissance Studies will be able to attain the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the European Middle Ages and/or Renaissance.
  • Show they also have in-depth knowledge in their chosen concentration of study.
  • Create an original research project centered in primary sources.