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1255 Amsterdam Avenue
Room 1005 SSW, MC 4690

Officers of the University offering courses in Statistics:

Professors: David Madigan (Chair),  Richard A. Davis, Victor H. de la Pena, Andrew Gelman, Ioannis Karatzas (Mathematics), Shaw-Hwa Lo, Paul Meier (Emeritus), Philip Protter, Daniel Rabinowitz, Zhiliang Ying
Associate Professors: Martin Lindquist, Liam Paninski, Tian Zheng
Assistant Professors: Regina Dolgoarshinnykh, Souvik Ghosh, Gerardo Hernandez del-Valle, Jingchen Liu, Bodhisattva Sen, Victoria Stodden, Frank Wood, Hong Zhang
Adjunct Professors: Demissie Alemayehu, Mark Brown, Anthony Donoghue, Birol Emir, Irene Heuter, Michael Shnaidman, Edward Whalen
Lecturer in Discipline: Michael Hogan
Departmental Representative: Daniel Rabinowitz, Room 1014 SSW, 851-2141, dan@stat.columbia.edu


A degree in Statistics is preparation for careers where data analysis and study design are important - careers, for example, in finance and banking, insurance, biostatistics, marketing, drug development, econometrics, and opinion polling.  Students contemplating graduate work in fields that rely on statistics, such as epidemiology, public-health, population genetics, economics, government, and psychology, find a major or minor in statistics a useful foundation and an important credential.  Graduate courses in actuarial science and in statistical and stochastic methods for finance may be taken by permission; students interested in such courses should contact the Departmental Representative for guidance.

The Statistics major builds on a foundation in probability and statistical theory to provide practical training in statistical methods, study design, applied probabilistic modeling, actuarial science, and data analysis. The Statistics minor is designed for students more interested in practical training in applied methods than in the mathematical foundations of statistics.

Summer Internship in Applied Statistics

Columbia College, Barnard College, SEAS, and General Studies students may apply to the Department's summer internship program. The internship provides summer housing and a stipend. Students work with Statistics Department faculty mentors on applications of statistics. Applicants should send statement of interest and a transcript to Ms. Dood Kalicharan by the first of April. Please see the Undergraduate Research Page on the Department website for additional application instructions.