Faculty Support Funds

Give That Which Scholars Most Require

Because Barnard faculty members are reviewed for tenure twice, first at Barnard and then at Columbia, the criteria for outstanding performance are extraordinarily high. To live up to the standards demanded of them, Barnard faculty requires two precious commodities – time and funding – to renew curricula and conduct intensive research.

Faculty Research Funds: $50,000 or more

Faculty research funds are available to junior and senior faculty, and afford a paid leave to conduct ongoing research, an inherent component of Barnard’s teacher/scholar model. 

Endowed Research & Travel Fund: $100,000

Expendable Research & Travel Fund: $50,000

Professional Development Funds: $25,000 or more

Professional development leave is vital for eligible full-time senior faculty to pursue specialized goals that complement and enhance their teaching and Barnard service.

Endowed Professional Development Fund: $125,000

Expendable Professional Development Fund: $25,000