Internships and Fellowships

Expand a Young Mind

Hands-on learning and independent research are key components of a Barnard education. Internships add a valuable dimension to the academic experience, offering exceptional learning opportunities in fields as diverse as urban studies, religion, the arts, media and public health. Research fellowships, in the form of study and travel grants, allow students to delve deeply into studies leading to a senior thesis.

More than two-thirds of students take on one or more internships during their time at Barnard, usually without stipend or other compensation. Most students cannot afford the luxury of an unpaid internship or independent study away from school. Endowed and expendable internship funds, fellowships, and travel grants allow our students to explore opportunities in New York City and beyond. 

“During the past three years, I have worked for multiple members of Congress, organized club trips to Washington, D.C. to learn from successful Barnard alumnae, and been a mentor and resource for other students, all in addition to my challenging and compelling coursework. By expanding my intellectual and practical world, Barnard has shown me the scope of my full potential, given me self-confidence, and drastically altered the way I think about my future and myself.” – Barnard student, Class of 2010


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