Meet our Donors

Meet just a few of the many donors helping to make a Barnard education possible for young, smart women now and in the future.

We Give to Barnard!

Sylvia Soto Montero '72
"I feel a strong commitment to Barnard both for the scholarship that was the basis of an outstanding education and for the life-changing experience.  As a Hispanic from a humble background I, like my parents, believe education is the greatest legacy we can leave the next generation. I’m proud to contribute to this effort."

Nekesa Hamilton Moody ’92
"Barnard was so giving and nurturing to me as a student that it served almost as a third parent. I give to Barnard so that another student will have the same rich experience that I enjoyed."

Holly Snow '06
"As the first female college graduate and only the second higher-education graduate in my family, I see my donation as a gift to other women who will be first in their families to graduate from a college that offers a first-rate education."

Miriam Scharfman Zadek ’50
“My class entered Barnard right after World War II. Deans Virginia Gildersleeve and Millicent McIntosh were our role models; they showed us that we really could do anything.  Our love for Barnard challenges us to set new standards of giving.”

Marsha Simms '75
"Barnard put me on the road to success.  It's up to me to make sure others can follow."