Meet our Donors

Meet just a few of the many donors helping to make a Barnard education possible for young, smart women now and in the future.

We Give to Barnard!

Jo Ann Engelhardt '75 
I honor with my annual donation what Barnard endows to our culture: the educated and successful woman. My classmates’ 40 years of contributions to our society across myriad disciplines at home and in the workplace deserve to continue with each succeeding graduating class.  Education is a gift to which my gifts pay tribute.

Audra Lewton
Director of Gift and Estate Planning
I believe in Barnard. That’s why I give to the annual fund every year. It is a privilege to work with so many truly wonderful alumnae who care deeply about the young women who are following in their footsteps. As a graduate of a women’s college, it is particularly important to me to support Barnard and its important place in higher education.

Ann T. Dachs '81, CLS '85, P '17
Senior Admissions Officer, Pre-College Program Director
I really enjoyed my college experience at Barnard, but as I've moved through other chapters of my life, and with the additional knowledge that comes with being on staff and a BC parent, too, that I realize the incredible personal and professional strengths I've received via my Barnard experience. There is no other place to have the kinds of conversations that we have here." 

Nancy Rieger '83 
I support Barnard for many reasons.  It helped me develop the confidence to take risks in life as well as understand that success is how you, and not society, define it.  While graduates of women’s colleges represent just two percent of all college graduates, they represent more than 20 percent of women in Congress.  Sixty-five percent of Barnard’s faculty members are women, compared with 38 percent of college faculty nationwide.  Finally though, I support Barnard for the simplest of reasons—Barnard supported me. And it still does.

Linda Reals '92 
I benefited from the generosity of Barnard women before me and therefore I donate to Barnard in support of Barnard women of the future.

Wendy K. Modlin '95 
I donate to Barnard because I am so proud and thankful for my education and want to ensure that the college thrives and has the means to provide my experience to many more women for years to come!

Ronak Kordestani '96 
Barnard was such an incredible place for me not only because it was in New York City but because the school brought together an unusual cross-section of women from a diverse range of backgrounds.  As such, Barnard ensured I learned, not only during the time I spent in classes, but also during the time I spent outside classes interacting with my fellow students.  I want to make sure future generations are able to have similar experiences so I donate.  I hope that women who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to attend a top tier college can afford to do so, thereby enriching Barnard as a whole.

Julie Malyn '09 
Chair of the Young Alumnae Committee
I loved being part of a community of intellectual, ambitious and adventurous women.  I always felt like the perspectives of my peers enhanced my academic experience and being a part of the Barnard community had a profound impact on me personally.  I know I would not be the person that I am today had I not gone to Barnard.

Delaney Wing '15 
Barnard matters because it's a nurturing environment that facilitates holistic learning and empowers its students. I have had incredible learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. I have been challenged to become my best self, and I have had loads of fun. I give to Barnard in gratitude, and in hopes that it will continue to grow strong students for generations. Thank you Barnard. May you always be that college on a hilltop that's very dear to me!

Terry Newman '79 
President, Alumnae Association of Barnard College
I chose Barnard in large part because of location, location, location.  I wanted to get as far away as possible from the suburban experience of my childhood. I loved NYC and all the cultural resources it offered including museums, the theater, and concerts. The idea of having the city as an extension of the classroom was very appealing to me. I support Barnard because it gave me a great education while allowing me to live in the real world. It taught me to think differently, and showed me women's leadership in action.

Diana Calvo '98 
For me, there is nothing to debate when it comes to providing Barnard with financial support.  Because of my personal experiences, I believe in Barnard, its role in shaping the lives of women and men today and in the future, and the unlimited possibility of Barnard students and alumnae to continue making our world a better place for generations to come. 

Jane Newham McGroarty '65
I arrived at Barnard in September of 1961 from a small town in upstate New York where I attended the public high school.  Barnard and New York City expanded my world and by the time I graduated four years later, I was (I thought) very sophisticated. In retrospect, it wasn’t sophistication that Barnard gave me; it was openness to ideas and people, curiosity and skepticism – all of which have been immensely valuable in my life, marriage and career. Thank you, Barnard.

Tracey Donner '87 
I am grateful to Barnard College for my education, my lifelong friends and my intellectual curiosity which led me to my career.  While at Barnard, I was a scholarship recipient – so I am also grateful to the wonderful donor who helped make me what I am today.  

Janet F. Alperstein '92 
As a Barnard legacy (my grandmother, Ruth Saberski Goldenheim BC '35), donating annually is one way for me to continue the strong link that the Goldenheim and Alperstein families have with the College.  Grammy Ruth was so proud of her alma mater, gave annually and supported the College in a variety of ways as a proud alumna.  I hope to continue her marvelous lead for years to come.

Sylvia Soto Montero '72
"I feel a strong commitment to Barnard both for the scholarship that was the basis of an outstanding education and for the life-changing experience.  As a Hispanic from a humble background I, like my parents, believe education is the greatest legacy we can leave the next generation. I’m proud to contribute to this effort."

Nekesa Hamilton Moody '92 
"Barnard was so giving and nurturing to me as a student that it served almost as a third parent. I give to Barnard so that another student will have the same rich experience that I enjoyed."

Holly Snow '06
"As the first female college graduate and only the second higher-education graduate in my family, I see my donation as a gift to other women who will be first in their families to graduate from a college that offers a first-rate education."

Miriam Scharfman Zadek '50 
“My class entered Barnard right after World War II. Deans Virginia Gildersleeve and Millicent McIntosh were our role models; they showed us that we really could do anything.  Our love for Barnard challenges us to set new standards of giving.”

Marsha Simms '75
"Barnard put me on the road to success.  It's up to me to make sure others can follow."