Undergraduate Philanthropy


Show your love for Barnard by giving to the College's annual fund

When you give to Barnard's annual fund, you not only help keep the College the exceptional institution it is today, but you also take part in the tradition of giving back to Barnard. Donations to Barnard's annual fund support financial aid, faculty support, and campus renewal.

Did you know:

  • By giving to Barnard's annual fund, you join the thousands of alumnae who came before you.
  • Tuition only covers about 75% of the true cost of a student’s Barnard education. To fill that “gap”, the College relies on donations from alumnae, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends of Barnard. Even if you’re paying full tuition, you receive a silent scholarship which is made up of these gifts to Barnard's annual fund.
  • Last year, over 9,700 alumnae and friends gave to Barnard's annual fund so that you can experience all Barnard has to offer. Gifts range from $5 to $100,000 or more, and by saving up your change and giving it to Barnard's annual fund, you join this network of donors.
  • Donations to Barnard's annual fund are unrestricted, therefore, the College can apply the funds wherever the need is greatest—from financial aid to supporting our outstanding faculty.
  • Any gift, no matter the size, is a way of saying “thank you” for the opportunities and education Barnard will provide you and will continue to until graduation. By making a gift and investing in the College, you invest in your own education.