How to Register


Welcome to the Office of Disability Services! Registration with our office is open to any Barnard student living with a disability, be it temporary or permanent, visible or invisible. Disabilities include, but are not limited to, vision, hearing or mobility impairments, chronic illnesses, learning disabilities/ADD, psychiatric disabilities, and substance abuse/recovery.

ODS provides a wide variety of support services for registered students, ranging from assistance in obtaining specialized equipment to test accommodations. For more information on how our office can serve you, visit About ODS.

If you are a disabled Barnard student, we encourage you to register with us, even if you are not sure whether you'll need accommodations. Registration with ODS is confidential, and can serve as a type of "insurance policy" for you in the event of a flare-up or other disability-related need.

The First Steps

To register with ODS, you will need to have an intake session with either Morgan or Olga (if you have a learning disability/ADD). Call the office at 854-4634 to set up an appointment time.

At your appointment, Morgan Murray or Okie Hrycak will likely spend some time chatting with you in order to get to know you and your needs. They will explain ODS policies and procedures, go over the ODS Manual, and complete one of the following registration forms.

  • ODS Pre-Registration Self-Assessment Form
  • ODS Registration Form
  • ODS Registration Form: Temporary Disability

Forms We'll Use

After meeting with Morgan or Okie, ODS must document your disability. This certification must be made by your primary physician or by the clinician that made your diagnosis. If you are documenting a learning disability or ADD, be sure to read the Documentation of a Learning Disability/ADD.

In order to allow ODS to obtain information about your disability directly from your clinician, you need to sign a release form. If you wish to be a peer contact for other Barnard students or prospective students with similar disabilities, you can also use the release form to indicate this.

Your registration with ODS is confidential. However, all students are asked to sign the Exchange of Information Form, which authorizes ODS to contact various members of the college community as necessary on your behalf.

Although separate from the Primary Care Health Service and the Furman Counseling Center, ODS works closely with both offices and asks that students with chronic illnesses and psychiatric disabilities sign the Counseling/Primary Care Health Services Referral Form.