Double Degree Program with the Jewish Theological Seminary

Double Degree students must be registered full-time (12 points or more) at Barnard for at least three semesters. The remainder of the required Barnard credit (60 academic points plus two PE points) may be taken on a part-time basis. In every semester, double degree students must be enrolled in at least one 3-credit academic course at Barnard.  In the semesters in which they are enrolled as part-time students, tuition is billed on a per-point basis. Being enrolled part-time will not affect housing seniority status. Barnard degree requirements must be fulfilled with appropriate courses taken at Barnard, Columbia, or on study leave.

Please see BARNARD/JTS Information for Double Degree Students, published by the Dean of Studies Office, and please contact our office at (212) 854–2024 for additional information.