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Health-Related Graduate School Advising

All Barnard students interested in careers in medicine (i.e., allopathic and osteopathic medicine and physician's assistantship), as well as those interested in other health professions areas (i.e.,dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, nursing, public health and physician and occupational therapy) receive advice and information on academic and experiential prerequisites, from Health Professions Advisor, Dean Starks, in the Dean of Studies Office, 105 Milbank Hall. All current and prospective health professions students should:

  1. Fill out and submit to the Dean of Studies Office a pre-health professions registration form. This allows us to add you to our department’s pre-health list serv. Through this listserv we communicate electronically with our pre-health students and alumnae regarding important pre-med and pre-health related information, meetings, programs and events.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with Dean Starks. If you have specific questions regarding medical and other health professional school as well as question about your individual path as a possible applicant to these schools, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to speak with Dean Starks.  There are also frequently held walk-in hours.  To schedule an appointment with Dean Starks, please go the the Meet with the Deans section of our website.  The receptionist will work directly with you to assist you in scheduling your appointment.
  3. An orientation session for new pre-health professions students is held each semester. All first-year, transfer, and potential pre-health professions students are strongly encouraged to attend as very important information is shared by the Health Professions Advisor that will help greatly assist and guide you in your path to health professional school, or risk missing out on important information.     
  4. Regularly review the Pre-health Professions Board located outside of the Dean of Studies Office. This board contains important and exciting information about pre-med and other pre-health related opportunities, information and events.