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Career EDGE Presents: Gainful Employment Solved Webinar

Thursday, October 13, 2011
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Career EDGE Presents: Gainful Employment Solved Webinar
Job Development for the 21st Century

Job Development Has Changed.  Have you?

Now, it's all about your ability to ENGAGE and CONNECT with a wide range of EMPLOYERS.

Now, its all about CREATING and maintaining MORE employer relationships..

Now, it's all about your ability to PROSPECT, QUALIFY and BUILD RAPPORT.

Now, it's all about UNDERSTANDING the SOCIAL MEDIA impact.

Now, it's all about how you BRAND yourself and organization.

Now, it's all about SELLING, not TELLING.

We'll share valuable strategies and techniques to improve:

Cold Calling

Qualify Successfully

Handle Objections

Close More Deals

Speak To Employers

And Much More!

Join workforce expert and national speaker Mike Fazio as he shares many  of the successful techniques, strategies and secrets to 21st Century Job Development during this 45 minute free webinar.  Mike is a well known national speaker known for his passion on the concept of "Sell, Don't Tell"! The job seeking world has changed for employers, candidates and placement professionals.  Have you?  Ask Mike a question to be addressed during  the webinar by  emailing: danielle@careerteam.com

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