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Barnard College Posting Policy

Posting Policy

At Barnard College, our physical campus environment is an important part of our community. The purpose of this Posting Policy is to uphold the aesthetics of our campus, avoid damage to our facilities and support a beautiful and inclusive environment for all.

Postings not in compliance with this policy or for events whose date has passed may be removed without notice.  Your assistance and that of your department or student club/organization is greatly appreciated and we look forward to everyone working together to maintain a beautiful campus environment.  Regulations related to posting are detailed below. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

POSTING:  Fliers/posters may be posted only on designated bulletin boards using push pins or painter’s tape.  Designated bulletin boards will include a Barnard sign indicating the space as designated posting area.  Visit the Student Life office for an inventory of designated bulletin board locations. 

Posting on bulletin boards that are designated for specific offices, departments, or organizations is prohibited, unless prior authorization is received from the party responsible for the board (i.e. a Department Chair may provide authorization for posting on their department bulletin board in an academic area, should they choose to do so).

CHALKING:  With permission, chalking is permitted only on sidewalks along Lehman walk and in front of the Diana Center and Altschul Hall or on sidewalk/slate in the uncovered portion of the Quad.  Chalking is not permitted on the outside surface of any building, any vertical surfaces (including on stairs), or on any sidewalks underneath an overhang. All individuals must seek and obtain approval from the Student Life Office one week prior to chalking.


1.     With what can I post? Pushpins or tacks should be used for posting on designated bulletin boards.  Blue painter’s tape is the only type of tape and/or adhesive that may be used. NEVER use stickers, scotch tape, duct tape, packing tape, masking tape, glue or “fun tack” type materials. Improperly posted items may be removed without notice.

2.     Where can I post? Posting is only permitted on designated bulletin boards.  Posting or taping flyers/posters to windows, doors, door frames, in or around elevators is prohibited.  Any materials posted other than on a designated bulletin board will be removed.

3.     Can I chalk for my event?  Chalking is restricted to student clubs/organizations only. All individuals must seek and obtain approval from their Student Life advisor one week prior to chalking.  With permission, chalking is permitted on sidewalks only.  Chalking is not permitted on the outside surface of any building, any vertical surfaces, or on sidewalks underneath an overhang.

4.     Who is permitted to post on campus? Barnard College and Columbia University students/organizations are permitted to post on campus following these guidelines.  Any posting from non-affiliates will be removed.

5.     What content is not permitted on my posting? Profanity, vulgarity, or other offensive language not conducive to the educational environment may not be included on postings.  Any postings that have inappropriate and/or derogatory information directed to one specific member, or group of members, of the Barnard community will not be tolerated. The provided approved posting areas are not personal message boards. They are solely for sharing information that is intended to benefit the campus community as a whole. Any such posting may be removed if found posted, at the discretion of the professional staff.  Effort would be made to discuss such decision with the responsible party/organization, if identifying information is included on the posting. 

6.     What content is important to include on my posting?  It is important to include date, time and location for any event promotion – reminder posters that indicate “tonight” or “tomorrow” without a date can create confusion.  It is always helpful to include a point of contact – who to reach out to for more information.

7.     How long can my posting stay up? Fliers posted in approved locations will be removed each Sunday. Be sure your promotion includes the date/time/location, as applicable!  The College reserves the right to remove any fliers whose program date has passed.

8.     Can a student/organization post in the Residence Halls? In the Residence Halls, groups may leave approved (Student Life stamped) posters at the Office of Residential Life & Housing (110 Sulzberger) – in this case they will be given to RAs to advertise within 48-72 hours of receipt.  Materials provided within 3 days of an event date may not get posted.  To include one poster for each residence hall floor, you will need to provide 100 copies of your flier.  There is no solicitation or putting fliers under doors in Residence Halls.

9.     How will violations be handled? This policy is meant to guide individuals, groups, clubs and organizations as well as academic and administrative departments in appropriate use of designated bulletin boards.  Students and student organizations will be subject to student conduct action for violation of any aspect of this policy.   Possible Sanctions include, but are not limited to, verbal or written warning, campus posting restriction for a specified period of time, educational project or assignment, and loss of campus posting privileges.  A charge may be assessed if improper posting results in damage to property or requires extensive clean up.  Academic or administrative offices with material posted in violation of this policy will be notified for appropriate action.  


2012 - Designated Posting Locations

Postings not in compliance with this Barnard Posting Policy or for events whose date has passed may be removed without notice.  Your assistance and that of your department or student club/organization is greatly appreciated.

Milbank Hall  - Across from 105 Milbank, next to exterior doors

Altschul – Tunnel hallway near mailboxes

                    basement level across from elevators

                    First floor within the “hive” activity area

Diana Center – hall leading from Altschul tunnel to Diana Center

                    3rd Floor of Diana Center, across from elevators/by stairwell

Lehman – Tunnels – north wall between Lehman and Altschul and

                    east wall across from lockers, between Lehman and Barnard

Barnard Hall – North foyer (doors near BCRW)

                    Tunnel hallway

Sulzberger – Outside Sulz  - across from entrance and to the North of the entrance

Brooks/Reid* - to the left of Louis Parlor, first floor*

                    Outside at the top of the Reid Gate steps

Hewitt Hall –  leading into Hewitt Dining

*Only Barnard students may post approved material at these residential locations, student id is required to enter these areas of a residential building.  All other bulletin boards within residence halls are for use by Residential Life & Housing.

Last Revised: October 2012