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Plan Your Visit

Class visits and interview information

View information about class visits, coaches, and interviews below.

Attend a Class

The vitality of intellectual life at Barnard is best sampled in the classroom, where small groups of students engage with professors freely. We ask faculty at the start of each term to let us know if visitors are welcome to visit their classes - nearly all respond in the affirmative, but there are a few for whom space in a small seminar room may be an issue, so their class will be deleted before posting.  Many of our classes don't meet on Fridays. 

Spring 2015 Class Schedule*

* Note: If you are looking for a dance/theatre technique or performance course, you will need to contact those departments in advance. See the section below for details. 

Visit the admissions office for directions (and help with the abbreviations) before attending class so we can help guide you to where you will find the classroom. We ask that you arrive in the classroom about ten minutes before class and introduce yourself to the instructor. We also ask that you stay for the whole class. And, sorry, class visits are intended for students only

Please note:  If you are visiting campus on Monday, April 13 or Monday, April 20, and you are not attending our Open House Programs for Admitted Students, we cannot accommodate class visits.

Interested in a theatre or dance class?

Students interested in attending a theatre department or dance department technique or performance course are asked to review the appropriate websites and reach out to the designated departmental contact before visiting classes. 

The theatre department prefers that only admitted students be permitted to attend performance classes; but will welcome inquiries from interested students via phone, email or by appointment.  The dance department prefers that prospective students have a conversation with department contacts before attending a technique class.  We have included these courses on the list above with a note to contact the department.  Department contacts can be found via the links above.

Both departments understand that the process of selecting an appropriate program in theatre or dance is a complex one and are delighted to help students learn as much as they can about their departments.  In order to serve the needs of continuing and prospective students, each department requests that you do not drop by without connecting with staff beforehand.

Meet a Coach

Through the Columbia/Barnard Athletic Consortium, women at Barnard College and the undergraduate divisions of Columbia University compete together as members of University-wide athletic teams -- it is the only consortium of its kind at the Division I level. Our varsity teams compete within the Ivy League Conference. If you are interested in competing on one of our Division I athletic teams, we encourage you to contact the coaches directly to set up a time to speak with them or observe a game when you visit. You may also contact Carolyn Middleton or Danielle Jakob for more information on athletic opportunities at Barnard.

Schedule an Interview (optional)

Interviews with a representative of the Barnard community (senior interviewer, staff member, alumna) are available but not required for first-year applicants in their senior year of high school. Interviews are an opportunity for the Office of Admissions to learn more about you and for you to learn more about the College; interviews are, therefore, both informational and evaluative in nature. The interview will be considered in our application review, but applicants who do not interview will not be penalized in any way.  Please note that interviews are not part of the transfer application process.

On-campus interviews are available for high-school seniors only, Monday through Friday, from June through mid-December. (Early Decision candidates must complete their interview by November 1st.) Weekend interviews will be available on select dates during the fall semester only. We recommend scheduling an appointment at least three weeks in advance, using one of the links below.  Please do NOT wait until you submit your application before scheduling an interview! 

Please note:  On-campus interviews are not available at this time.

Off-campus Alumnae Interviews

First-year applicants unable to travel to Barnard's campus who are interested in an off-campus interview may interview with trained alumnae interviewers in their local area. Alumnae interviews take place between mid-September and December and are available only to students who live outside the tri-state area. Interviewees must be first-year applicants in their senior year of high school.

Please note:  The deadline to request an alumnae interview has passed.

For students in China, we often have far fewer alumnae interviewers than we have requests. Additionally, the time difference between the US and Asia further complicates our ability to offer Skype interviews, so we have connected with two organizations who offer comprehensive interviews. For one fee, either company will send your interview video/report to all of the colleges on your list. Please contact the organizations directly for more information.


If you are concerned that fees would present a hardship for you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact us for an alternate solution.  Write to us at international@barnard.edu.