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Constellation Microscopium

Microscopium - “The Microscope”; meaning: microscope; symbol: microscope; pronounced: “MY-krow-SKOH-pee-um”

The Microscopium constellation is made up of students from the 6th Floor.

Resident Assistants: Meghin Sadsad, Olivia Sirianni, Cassie Hartnett, and Lily Dobberteen

Personal Librarian: Jenna Freedman

Constellation Leader: Dylan Kapit, BC 2016

Dylan Kapit is a rising sophomore at Barnard College. Originally from Rockville, Maryland, she is majoring in psychology and on the education track. She hopes to be a behavioral therapist for kids with autism someday! She is a member of and on the executive board for Barnard's flute choir and Columbia University Best Buddies, and is also involved in the queer community at Columbia University, especially with Barnard's club Q! Dylan absolutely loves to write poetry and play soccer in her free time, and is secretly really good at rapping! Obsessed with Disney movies and Broadway shows she hopes to see as many as she possibly can before she graduates. She's already seen Wicked three times and hopes to see it many more times. She loves to eat, and is always out looking for new places that have gluten-free menus. Dylan's often found sitting outside, staring into space, and wondering about the world that she finds so fascinating. 

She had such a great experience with her floor this year and therefore cannot wait to get to know the first-years and help them get to know Barnard!