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2014 Open Enrollment - Confidential Employees


Below you will find important information about the 2014 open enrollment process and costing for

  • The Oxford Health Plan;

  • The Aetna Dental Plan;

  • The 2014 Supplemental Retirement Plan, including maximum allowable contributions; and

  • The 2014 Flexible Spending Enrollment

Please review the information carefully as there are changes to the employee cost for the health plan that you should understand before deciding on your elections.

You need to complete forms only if you wish a change in your current health care or dental care elections, or to participate in the flexible spending program.  Should you wish to change your elections, change forms are available in Human Resources and on the website at www.barnard.edu/hr/forms.html.  Please note that you must complete a new flexible spending enrollment form to participate in the program for 2014 even if you participated in 2013.  The deadline for submitting any enrollment, change or waiver forms is Monday, December 9, 2013.  Forms must be returned to the Human Resources Department by that date.

Should you have any questions about the open enrollment process, please do not hesitate to call me at x47345 or the main Human Resources number x42551.

Oxford Healthcare Open Enrollment 2014

The Open Enrollment Period:

At this time of year, Barnard College offers employees the opportunity to make changes to their health care coverage.  During the Open Enrollment period, employees may add eligible dependents to their existing health care plan, switch from their current health care carrier to the Oxford Health Plan, or switch to Oxford Plan A or Plan B.

This is the only time during the year that employees may change to the Oxford Health Plan, switch between Oxford Plan A and Plan B, and/or add eligible dependents (other than within 31 days following a life status change).  Dependents may be dropped from coverage at any time.

Health Care Costs:

Information regarding the basic Oxford Freedom plan is available in Human Resources.

Dependent Child Coverage:

  1. Recent health care reform legislation has approved provisions for dependent child coverage to age 26.

  2. New York State  provisions allow for coverage of a dependent child through age 29.  The employee will pay the full cost for dependents older than age 26 at the individual rate of $802.52 for Plan A, or $967.92 for Plan B.  Anyone with questions about the extended coverage should contact Human Resources. 

For 2014, the Employee/College monthly contributions will be as follows:



Salary Band <$50,000

Total Monthly Premium


Employee Cost/ College Cost











*E = employee only; E+1 = employee plus one dependent; E+>1 = family coverage.



Salary Band          <$50,000

Salary Band           $50,000 to $74,999

Salary Band          $75,000 to $99,999

Salary Band      $100,000 to $124,999

Salary Band      >$125,000

Total Monthly Premium


Employee Cost/

College Cost

Employee Cost/

College Cost

Employee Cost/

College Cost

Employee Cost/

College Cost

Employee Cost/

College Cost























*E = employee only; E+1 = employee plus one dependent; E+>1 = family coverage.

Contributions you make toward your Oxford insurance will be deducted from your pay, pre-tax, on a monthly basis.  (Please note:  IRS regulations do not allow a pre-tax payroll deduction for domestic partner coverage.)

Opt-Out Provision:

Employees may waive Oxford coverage by completing a form available in Human Resources and submitting satisfactory proof of coverage under another health insurance plan.  Employees who waive coverage may terminate the waiver and elect the College’s coverage if there is a life status change that results in the loss of their current health coverage. Please keep in mind that you have 31 days to notify Human Resources should this occur.


As noted on the cover page, you only need to complete forms if you want a change in coverage.  Otherwise, your Oxford coverage will remain as currently in force, and your monthly deductions for health care will be automatically adjusted based on your salary.  Forms are available in Human Resources or by clicking here. Forms are due in Human Resources by Monday, December 9, 2013.

Aetna Dental Open Enrollment 2014

The Open Enrollment Period:

During the open enrollment period, the College offers faculty and administrators the opportunity to enroll in dental coverage.  At this time, participants may also add eligible dependents to their existing dental plan. 

  • If you are in the DMO or PPO and want your coverage to remain in the DMO or PPO, you do not need to complete any new forms.

  • If you wish to add dependents, you must complete a change form.

  • If you now wish to enroll in the dental plan for the first time, you must complete an enrollment/change form.

Dental Care Costs:

The employee monthly contributions for 2014 are as follows:

            $16.79 Individual coverage

            $45.35 Family coverage (applies to employee + one, as well as to full family)

Important Information about the Aetna Dental Plan:

The plan includes Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and out-of-network access to dentists.  While an out-of-network benefit (similar to an indemnity option) is available, the greatest out-of-pocket savings will result if dentists in either the DMO or the large PPO networks are used. 

One of the unusual features of our plan is that participants may switch between the DMO and the PPO options on a monthly basis.  You may switch back and forth between the DMO and the PPO by calling Aetna customer service by the 15th of any month.  The change of option will become effective the first of the month following your call.  

Information regarding the Aetna Dental Plan design is available in Human Resources.

Late Entry/Opt-Out Provision:

Please be aware that there is a late entry penalty for Aetna dental plans.  Aetna defines a late entrant as an employee who does not enroll when initially eligible as a new employee.

If you chose not to participate when you were eligible or cancel your coverage now, you may only enroll in the plan at an open enrollment period, and you will be subject to a late entry penalty.  Those penalties are detailed on Dental Insurance Waiver form available in Human Resources or by clicking here.  Please complete that form if you wish to cancel your coverage.


As noted on the cover page, you only need to complete Aetna Dental forms if you want a change in coverage.  Forms are available in Human Resources or by clicking here. Forms are due in Human Resources by Friday, December 9, 2011.


Vision Plan

New for 2014, is the Vision Care Plan provided through EyeMed.  The Vision Plan provides coverage for your eye care needs including eye exams, Retinal Imagina, an allowance for frames, 100% coverage for eyeglass lenses, and an allowance for contacts.  The Vision Plan covers eye exams once per year at 100% with no co-pay.  Non-network coverage is available on a limited basis.

Vision Plan Cost

The 2014 employee monthly contributions are as follows:

Employee Only:        $9.95

Employee +1:           $18.91

Employee + Family: $27.77


To participate in the Vision Plan, please complete the enrollment form indicating your selection for the Vision Plan.  To enroll an eligible dependent, please provide your dependent's information in the space provided on the enrollment form.  Forms are due in Human Resources by Monday, December 9, 2013.

Flexible Spending Account Enrollment 2014

The Barnard College Flexible Spending Accounts are benefit programs which enable you to reduce taxes by paying for your unreimbursed health and/or dependent care expenses with pre-tax income. 

In order to participate for the calendar year 2014, you must complete and return your election form by the deadline, Monday, December 9, 2013.

Annual Maximums:

  • Health Care Spending          $2,500

  • Dependent Care Spending   $5,000

On October 31, 2013, the IRS announced a major policy change affecting the Healthcare FSA.  The IRS has modified the "use-it-or-lose-it" providsion and now allows plan participants to roll over up to $500 of unused funds.  As a result of this change, balances up to a maximum of $500 in unused funds will automatically be rolled over in the next plan year.  For example, if you roll over $500 from 2013 and contribute $2,500 in 2014, then $3,000 of pre-tax funds will be available for eligible medical expenses.  Such expenses must be incurred during the calendar year in which they are carried over.  Participants must be active in the FSA on the last day of the calendar year for the funds to be rolled over into the next calendar year.  This policy change only affects the Healthcare FSA and not the Dependent Care FSA.

Once the plan year begins, you may change the amount of your Flexible Spending Account contributions only if there is a change in your family status - marriage, death, divorce, birth or adoption of a child - or a change in a spouse's employment status.  This change must occur within 31 days of the qualifying event.  Otherwise, your election may not be changed during the year.

Employee Assistance Program

We are pleased to announce our new Employee Assistance Program through Harris Rotherberg International, Inc.  We encourage your participation in this program and take advantage of the available resources provided.  This program is available to you at no cost.