Abortion Referrals

If you are considering abortion, Primary Care can provide information about your options, a list of abortion providers, informaiton about insurance coverage, and support. Abortion options counseling is free and confidential.

There are two kinds of abortions available: surgical and medical. A medical abortion (RU486) is caused by medication rather than a surgical procedure. Abortion by pill is a method of termination for early pregnancy (less than 7-9 weeks). Your doctor can offer the most personalized information regarding the benefits, side effects, risks, and alternatives of both procedures. RU486 is generally not a preferred choice for women who have not delivered a child. The safest and easiest time to have an abortion is within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, preferably between 6 and 9 weeks.

The decision to have, or not to have an abortion is yours. Whatever you chose, it is natural to have some conflicting feelings. Talking with a counselor can be very helpful. If you would like to talk with someone either about your decision or your feelings about your decision, appointments are available in the Furman Counseling Center. Call (212) 854-2092 for an appointment.

Many women have fears, either physical or psychological, regarding abortion. Available data suggests that abortion is certainly no more traumatic physically and emotionally than having an unwanted child, and may even be less so.

Where to go

Primary Care has a list of abortion providers. You may use one of these referrals or any center or office of your choice.

Aetna Student Health has a benefit of up to $350.00 for elective abortion fees. Students who have private/family insuarnce should check with their policy as to their benefit.

Some providers require payment at the time of visit. Call the provider and ask what kinds of payments and insurance are accepted and be sure to bring your insurance card to your appointment.

Follow-Up Care

It is strongly recommended that you return to the outside health care agency two weeks after an abortion for a follow-up exam.

Make sure you ask if there is a fee for a follow-up visit at the agency; some include this in their fee and some do not. Some agencies charge you extra for contraceptive counseling or for starting birth control pills. You may come to Primary Care for contraceptive counseling or pill starts.

If you have any questions regarding abortion procedures or referrals, please call Primary Care: (212) 854-2091.