GYN Education Sessions with Well-Woman

Are you ready to have your first GYN exam? Or just curious about what goes on during one? Attend a Well-Woman GYN Ed Session!

A GYN Ed Session is a chance for you to:

  • Learn about exactly what happens during a gynecological exam, i.e.: what will it feel like? What tests will be performed? What kinds of information will they need?
  • Review health history questions
  • Get familiar with the instruments used during an exam
  • Learn about the services PCHS offers and who the health practitioners are
  • Have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the exam or other health issue

Well-Woman Peer Educators and Staff offer these half-hour sessions by appointment. Please contact the office to learn more!

Students seeking their first-ever GYN exam are strongly encouraged to attend a GYN Education Session. Please call Well-Woman at (212) 854-3063 with any questions.