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What We Do

A Quick Guide to Who Handles What in the Provost's Office (and Beyond)


General Enquiries

  • Scheduling Appointments – Executive Assistant to the Provost
  • Upcoming Deadlines and Submissions – Executive Assistant to the Provost

Academic Budgets

  • Budgets – Leslie Cawley
  • Faculty Budgets and Procedures Committee (FBPC) –  Patricia Denison and Jane Holmes

Curriculum and Assessment

  • Academic Program Reviews –  Patricia Denison
  • Assessment –  Patricia Denison and Jane Holmes  /  Becky Friedkin, Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Committee on Instruction (COI) –  Patricia Denison and Jane Holmes
  • Curriculum Review and Committee Support – Eve Eure
  • Course Catalogue – Jane Holmes
  • Course Evaluations – Patricia Denison / Alexis Seeley, BLAIS
  • Middle States Reaccreditation –  Patricia Denison
  • Student Appeals for General Education Requirements (GER) – Jane Holmes

Department Chairs and Administrative Support

  • Administrative Support Staff – Dana Johnson
  • Chairs’ Meetings –  Patricia Denison
  • Computer Purchases – Jane Holmes

Faculty Appointments and Leaves

  • Appointments and Reappointments – Leslie Cawley
  • Leave Records – Leslie Cawley
  • Personnel Status and Timelines – Leslie Cawley

For questions concerning payroll, please contact Sumerita Persaud, Office of the Controller.

For questions concerning benefits, please contact Harry Alvia, Senior HR Manager, Benefits/Work Life, and Robin Beltzer, Senior Generalist, Academic Programs, in the Office of Human Resources.

Changes of address and phone, Direct Deposit banking information, and  IRS Form W-4 for  tax withholdings can be submitted through Barnard College Employee Self Service (ESS) in the “myApplications” section of my.barnard.edu.

Faculty Committees and Governance

  • Elected Committee Support – Jane Holmes
  • Faculty Elections – Jane Holmes
  • Faculty Governance and Procedures Committee (FGP) –  Patricia Denison and Jane Holmes
  • Faculty Meetings – Patricia Denison and Jane Holmes

Faculty Development and Diversity

  • Faculty Diversity and Development (FDD Committee) – Debra Minkoff and Jen Williams
  • Mentoring for Junior Faculty – Debra Minkoff
  • New Faculty Orientation – Debra Minkoff and Jen Williams
  • Willen Seminar Applications and Support – Debra Minkoff and Jen Williams

Faculty Tenure, Promotions, and Reappointment Reviews

  • Advisory Committee on Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion (ATP) Support – Dana Johnson and Jane Holmes
  • Internal Promotion Review Procedures – Dana Johnson
  • Reappointment Review Procedures – Dana Johnson
  • Tenure Timeline and Procedures – Debra Minkoff and Dana Johnson
  • Third Year Review Procedures – Debra Minkoff and Dana Johnson

Grants and Research Support

  • Conference Travel Grants – Jane Holmes
  • Internal Grants –Patricia Denison and Jane Holmes
  • Sponsored Research/External Grants – Leslie Cawley  /  Institutional Support staff, Development Office
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Research Integrity – Patricia Denison
  • College-Subsidized Summer Housing for Student Employees – Dana Johnson

International Initiatives

  • Global Symposium – Lisa Hollibaugh
  • International research, partnerships, and opportunities for faculty – Lisa Hollibaugh

For questions concerning study abroad and the visiting international students program (VISP), please contact Gretchen Young or Rachel Romesburg, Dean of Studies Office.