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Chair's Manual

The Chairs Manual (pdf) provides guidance to chairs, directors and faculty on policies and procedures. The appendices are separated from the pdf document and are below.


Please note the appendices letters have changed. All appendices are available in the navigation on the left. Full titles are below.

Appendix A. Searches (formally Appendix B)
Appendix B. Research Support for New Assistant Professors (formally Appendix I)
Appendix C. Tenure Time Line (formally Appendix S)
Appendix D. Procedures for the Third Year Review of Assistant Professors
Appendix E. Guidelines for Tenure Considerations (formally Appendix R)
Appendix F. Guidelines on Methods of Teaching Evaluations for Renewal, Tenure & Promotions (formally Appendix E)
Appendix G. Format of Curriculum Vitae for Internal Promotion Process
Appendix H. Schedule and Procedures for Recommendations Internal Promotions to the ATP (formally Appendix F)
Appendix I. Procedures for Review of Senior Off Ladder Faculty (formally Appendix Q)
Appendix J. Barnard Department Consultation on Tenure Nomination at a Corresponding Department at CU (formally Appendix M)
Appendix K. Policy on Workload Compensation for Departmental Leadership (formally Appendix T)
Appendix L. Guidelines for Academic Program Review (formally Appendix N)
Appendix M. College Policy on Assessment (formally Appendix U)