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Room Assignments

Students are not required to live on campus; however, students are encouraged to live on campus for at least their first year in order to acclimate to the campus and to New York City.  98% of Barnard First-Year students live on campus and over 90% of students overall. 

The Director of the First Year Focus Program makes room assignments for all first-year students.  For transfer and visiting students, the Associate Director for Housing Operations makes room assignments on a space-available basis.

Any student with a diagnosed disability who may need some form of housing consideration (accessible housing, strobe fire alarm for a deaf student, etc) should contract Disability Services to complete a Disability-Related Housing Request (DRHR). More information is available at http://barnard.edu/reslife/disability/.

Housing Applications

Fall Semester

All incoming First Year, Transfer, and Visiting Students are asked to fill out the Housing Response form to let the College know if they wish to live in campus-housing or not.  This application form is available online starting in early May.

Spring Semester

Transfer & Visiting Students who start in the Spring who wish to live on campus should submit a Housing Application.  More information is available online at http://barnard.edu/reslife/applications#transfer.

Students who are part of the Visiting International Student Program (VISP) will submit their housing preferences to the Office of International Programs in the Fall.

First-Year Students (First-Year Focus)

First Year students who wish to live on campus are assigned to double-, triple-, or quad-occupancy rooms in Brooks, Reid, or Sulzberger Halls.  All First Years living on campus are required to participate in the Platinum Meal Plan (19 meals a week).

The First-Year Focus (FYF) Program at Barnard is an extended orientation program for first-year students that continues throughout the year. It combines academic and co-curricular activities to assist first-year students in adjusting to college life, Barnard, and New York City. Entertaining and informative activities and workshops, ranging from informal weekly programs to larger formal events, are organized in the residence halls especially for first-year students.

More about First Year Focus program.

Within the FYF residence halls, certain floors are associated with In-Residence Seminars. Additionally, there is a Wellness Floor and an Eco Floor.  Students interested in these floors should check the respective box on their Housing Response Form.

In-Residence Seminars – Students live on the same floor as other students taking the same First Year Seminar.  This enables for more engaging conversations both in and out of the classroom.  Applications for in-residence seminars is coordinated by the Dean of Studies Office.

Transfer & Visiting Students

While we do our best to provide housing to Transfer & Visiting students who wish to live on campus, we cannot guarantee placement.  Priority is determined by deposit date & distance from campus.  Students may apply to live in single- or multiple-occupancy rooms; however, the number of singles and/or rooms not requiring participation in the Quad Upperclass Meal Plan is typically limited.

Notification of your Room & Roommate Assignment

Room and roommate information will be made available to first year students the first week in August and to transfer students by the second or third week in August (the first week in January for Spring transfer students).  No information regarding assignments will be available before that time.