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Activate Barnard eBear and gBear

Activating your Barnard E-mail Login

Logins for the class of 2017 should be active by the end of May 2013. Incoming transfer/visiting students will be able to get their login/password about two weeks after sending their reply card and deposit to Barnard. If you are having problems accessing your login information, please follow our troubleshooting tips. If your problem is not resolved after following these tips, please contact us.

To activate your account:

  1. Find your 7-digit Barnard System ID Number (which you received via email from Admissions).
  2. Navigate to Access Your Initial Login and Password and enter your ID Number and date of birth.
  3. After entering the information, click on the Submit button.
  4. This page will be available for a limited time only, so activate your Barnard account as soon as possible. If account activation is successful, you will receive your Barnard username (e.g. ab1234 - this is also the same as your Columbia UNI) and a temporary password.
  5. This username and password is for you to access our internal portal called eBear as well as your Barnard email account (e.g. ab1234@barnard.edu), accessible through gBear. However, since this is a temporary password you should login to eBear and change your password by going to the "Email" tab, clicking on the "Email Utilities" link and then the "Change Email Password" link on the left.
  6. Then log into eBear with your new password and activate the “Password Self-Service” page so that you can reset your password in the future on your own if necessary. To do this, once logged into eBear, click the "Email" tab → “Email Utilities” link → “Pwd Self-Service" link to the left.