Club Finance and Resources

Club Finance

Please send an email to for any finance-related questions.

Monthly Reconciliation Forms

Monthly reconociliation forms are due from every GBB-recognized club on the first of the month (for spending from the previous month). All forms should be sent to Clubs who do not submit forms by the deadline will have their accounts frozen until the form is received.

If you have made 5 or fewer purchases, use the Google Form

If you have made more than 5 purchases, use the Excel Form

Spending Allocation Money

There are three ways for clubs to spend allocation money:

1. Petty Cash

To obtain Petty Cash of up to $50, see Maria Pasquali in the Student Life Office on the 3rd Floor of the Diana.

2. Student Life Credit Card

Clubs can obtain the Student Life Credit Card to make purchases.  Note that the credit card can only be used in the Student Life Office, so all purchases must be online or over the phone.  Clubs should take into account shipping cost and time if they wish to use the card.  The card can be obtained from Maria Pasquali in the Student Life Office

3. Reimbursement

Students can spend money out of pocket and submit receipts to Maria Pasquali for reimbursement.  You will be reimbursed through the receipt of a check a few weeks after the request.  Note that you must give all your receipts to Maria Pasquali.  If you do not have your receipts you will not be reimbursed. Also, note that sales tax outside of New York State cannot be reimbursed.Please email with any questions or for further information.

Other Resources

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