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Well-Woman offers a variety of free workshops that promote our emphasis on holistic health. Feel free to browse the following workshops, and send us an e-mail if you have any questions.

Living Well (Taking Care of Yourself)
Stress Management through:

  • Meditation, yoga, progressive relaxation, and more
  • Exercise - learn about easy ways to incorporate exercise into your busy schedule
  • Nutrition - learn about the regular and vegetarian food pyramids, how to pick healthy snacks, and eat healthily on a limited budget, with limited time. 

Intimacy and Communication Workshop

  • What are your personal definitions of abstinence?
  • Discuss physical intimacy as a range of pleasurable activities
  • Discover creative ways to express intimacy without "having sex".
  • Develop comfort with own sexuality/needs/desires.
  • Learn to communicate definitions/needs/desires to partner(s).

Women's Health Issues: A Two Part Series
(1) Learn about:

  • Pregnancy prevention
  • What to do if you are pregnant.

(2) Learn about:

  • Gynecological health issues, i.e. yeast infections, urinary tract infections, toxic shock syndrome, breast cancer, PMS, etc.
  • Finding & talking with your health practitioner.

(The focus here is general women's health and pregnancy prevention, rather than on protection from disease.)

Personal Boundaries

  • Work on establishing personal boundaries, self esteem, and effective communication
  • Discuss what behaviors we feel are appropriate in different kinds of relationships i.e. friends, family relationships, roommates, romantic partners.
    (The Rape Crisis Center now does their own floor programs.  Therefore, we will not focus on issues of rape and sexual assault in this program.)

Protect Yourself

  • Other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Safer Sex with latex barriers.
  • Communicating with your partner

The Mirror Image 

  • Explore self-esteem, eating issues, and body image.
  • Find out how these issues connect with your sexuality and impact our whole lives.
    (The idea here is to move away form focusing on eating disorders. We will still provide pamphlets and information, but will concentrate on the broader issues.)

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