A Women’s College

Barnard is unequivocally dedicated to the success of women.

That focus is evident in the way we approach every field of inquiry, from classical studies and labor economics, to mathematics and the sciences.

Through it all, our students have the great fortune to be surrounded by women mentors and role models—in the faculty, throughout the College leadership, and among our outstanding alumnae who are an endless source of inspiration. Women make up more than 60 percent of Barnard’s faculty, well above the national average of 46 percent. And, women have led Barnard from the beginning, from Ella Weed in 1889 to Sian Beilock, today.

As a college for women, Barnard embraces its responsibility to address issues of gender in all of their complexity and urgency, and to help students achieve the personal strength that will enable them to meet challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.

To be a Barnard woman is to be bold, beautiful, brilliant, talented, bright, accepting, proud, intuitive, passionate, and much more. It is knowing your worth to yourself, your peers, and the world.

— Mackenzie Collins '16 from Edwardsville, Illinois