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President Spar regularly lends her voice to stories in the media, covering both her own academic research and issues of importance to women and higher education. Her leadership continues to propel the College into the national spotlight.

President Debora Spar's Response to the ASA Resolution
December 2013

What Men Can Do to Help Women Advance Their Careers
Harvard Business Review, November 2013

Where Feminism Went Wrong
Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2013

Women Don't Need to Lead Better Than Men. They Need to Lead Differently.
Harvard Business Review, August 2013

A Welcome To College Parents
The Huffington Post, August 2013

Stop That Woman!
Glamour Magazine, September 2013

Gender segregation, fertility and the futility of Wonder Woman
Haaretz, Israel, July 2013

President Spar explores women's issues discussed in upcoming book
Book TV, July 2013

Top U.S. University Presidents Explore Innovation and Bilateral Academic Opportunities in Israel
Project Interchange, June 2013

President Spar Discusses whether women can have it all
NBC, April 2013

Throw Out That List! Why being a woman of impact does not mean being a woman who does it all
The Daily Beast, April 2013

Leaning Out: President Spar contributes to the national conversation on women and the work-life balance
CBS, March 2013 (at 3:08, 4:40, and 5:40)

President Spar on the lack of women in positions of power
Bloomberg TV, March 2013 (at 37:28, and 1:16:00)

Male Power Eludes Women as Sandberg Leans Into Ceiling
Bloomberg, February 2013

Spar talks pressure, perfection at fireside chat
Columbia Spectator, 2013

President Spar on the "perfection trap" facing women today
NPR and others, October 2012

Why Women Should Stop Trying to Be Perfect
The Daily Beast, September 2012

Why Do Successful Women Feel So Guilty?
The Atlantic, June 2012

President Spar discusses Obama's upcoming commencement address on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"
MSNBC, May 2012

Obama Will Speak at Commencement at Barnard College
The New York Times, March 2012

Why Choose a Women's College?
The New York Times, March 2012

Oprah at Barnard
February 2012

Goldman Adds a Board Member
The New York Times, October 2011

One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring
The New York Times, September 2011

Room for Debate: Making Laws About Making Babies, Wild West of Fertility
The New York Times, September 2011

Goldman Adds Barnard College President Debora Spar to Board of Directors
Bloomberg, June 2011

Are Women’s Colleges Still Needed?
Washington Post, September 2010

Most Powerful Moms in Education
Working Mother, September 2010

Revenge of the Nerds: How Barbie Got Her Geek On
Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2010

The Debate Over Sperm Donors
NPR, July 14, 2010 

Debate over financial regulations on “Worldwide Exchange”
CNBC, July, 2010

If You Could Stop The Biological Clock, Would You?
Forbes, February 12, 2010

An Economic Crash Women Might Have Helped Avert
Washington Post, January 2009

How an Economist's Cry for Ethical Capitalism was Heard
Fast Company, November 1, 2009

Making strides in higher education for “A Woman’s Nation”
MSNBC, October, 2009

Barrier Breakers: 15 Female College Presidents
Forbes, October 6, 2009

Surrogacy: Wombs for Rent?
PBS, September 18, 2009

Would women have helped avert Wall Street crash?
NPR, September 2009

Professor From Harvard to Be Barnard President
The New York Times, January 2008

An Economist Examines the Business of Fertility
The New York Times, February 2006

Changing of the Guard
INSIGHT into Diversity

A Woman's Nation: Making Strides in Higher Education