President's Pages, Barnard Magazine

President Spar writes an article in each edition of the Barnard Magazine.

Spring 2016: Barnard Bold

Winter 2016: The Parameters of Power

Fall 2015: A Framework for the Future

Summer 2015: The Right Stuff

Spring 2015: Valley of the Dolls

Winter 2015: Policy and Gender

Fall 2014: Behind the Headlines

Summer 2014: Pomp and Partisanship

Spring 2014: Fast-Forward in China

Winter 2014: The Married State

Fall 2013: Choosing a College: The X Factor

Summer 2013: The Hidden Costs of Free

Spring 2013: Of Letters, Leaks, and Tweets

Winter 2013: Fear of Failing

Fall 2012: Why College Costs So Much

Summer 2012: Sexual Politics

Spring 2012: Eat, Eat, Love

Winter 2012: In Search of Prophets

Fall 2011: Where Women Rule

Summer 2011: Guardians at the Gates

Spring 2011: In Pursuit of Purpose

Winter 2011: A Stacked Deck

Fall 2010: Cover Girls

Summer 2010: Forever 21

Spring 2010: Note from Dubai

Winter 2010: Defining Rituals, Defining Ourselves

Fall 2009: To Tell the Truth

Summer 2009: A Year's Worth of Welcome

Spring 2009: Women Changing the World

Winter 2009: On Elation and the Election