The Liberal Arts

A commitment to the liberal arts has always been at our core.

As a liberal arts college, steeped in the tradition of close student-faculty relationships, learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. The many opportunities available to students at Barnard—traditional majors, interdisciplinary programs, challenging internships, laboratory research, international travel, field research, women’s studies, leadership studies—are all happening here in the heart of vibrant New York City. Barnard is the kind of intellectual community that cherishes scholarly excellence and applauds artistic achievement and, with the vast resources of Columbia University, attracts the finest students and faculty.

In addition to the more than 2,000 class offerings, Barnard students live history in Reacting to the Past seminars, better understand the world with Global Barnard and the Forum on Migration, and broaden their horizons through the Barnard International Artists Series and Barnard Teaches. The renowned Barnard Center for Research on Women immerses them in activism and inquiry; our Athena Center for Leadership Studies pushes them to excel, collaborate, and lead; and they study child development at Barnard’s Toddler Center. Add to the mix the countless Research & Scholarship opportunities, and the distinguished guests and visiting lecturers that regularly come to campus, and the possibilities for learning and creativity are endless.

I'm a poster child for the liberal arts. During my first year, I took an introductory anthropology course to fulfill one of my requirements, and fell in love! I might never have discovered my current major and passion had I not attended a school that encourages academic exploration.

— Gilli Messer '10, Actor, majored in anthropology and minored in French