Steering Committee

2009-2011 Middle States Steering Committee

Paul Hertz, Professor of Biological Sciences (Co-Chair)

Hilary Link, Assistant Provost and Dean for International Programs (Co-Chair)

Gregory Brown, Chief Operating Officer (Working Group 2 Chair)

Abigail Feder-Kane, Director of Institutional Support (Working Group 1 Chair)

Lynn Garafola, Professor of Dance (Working Group 5 Chair)

Rosalind Rosenberg, Professor of History (Working Group 3 Chair)

Anja Santiago, Manager, Academic Information and Curriculum Support (Recorder)

Steven Stroessner, Professor of Psychology (Working Group 4 Chair)


Reni Callister '11 (studying abroad Spring 2010)

Sumati Rajput '11

Lianna Fox '12 (Spring '10)


Eileen L. Moy

William Rogers Reid


President Debora Spar

Provost and Dean of the Faculty Elizabeth Boylan

Anna Quindlen, Chair of the Board of Trustees (2009-2010)

Jolyne Caruso-Fitzgerald, Chair of the Board of Trustees (2010-2011)