Community Safety Group

Barnard College prides itself on academic excellence, which cannot exist without a diverse community where everyone feels welcome and safe. To support these values, Barnard has formed the Barnard Community Safety Group. Reporting to the President, this Group is charged with discussing broad issues related to campus safety, including concerns about racial and other forms of bias and their consequences, accessibility, who feels welcome in different spaces, and advising on improved structures for relationship building, training and community oversight. 

Using input from many different groups, identities, and constituencies, the evolving work of this group will be both strategic and tactical, conceptual and practical. Matters for the Group to address include: 

  • Providing opportunities for diverse voices to be heard and acknowledged in ongoing open sessions where people can share their personal experiences with matters of safety on our campus;
  • Determining an overall philosophy of how to keep people safe on campus and how the current mission of public safety aligns with it;
  • Considering the use of language in communications about campus safety; 
  • Reviewing the relationships between Public Safety and the community, particularly students, faculty, staff, and visitors of color;
  • Recommending how current policies, procedures, and practices of Public Safety can be improved to meet the needs of the diverse populations on campus;
  • Providing advice and input regarding Public Safety training curriculum and content; 
  • Providing advice and input regarding training and support for members of the community; and
  • Developing clear and transparent procedures for when community members have concerns about the conduct of Public Safety staff.

The Barnard Community Safety Group is an important part of the College’s commitment to examining the intersections of identity, civic life and social justice not just on our campus but also in the larger context of Columbia University, the dynamics of New York City, and the national and international climates so that we can create a place where all members of our community feel acknowledged and respected.


Chaired by Molree Williams-Lendor (Executive Director for Equity, Title IX Coordinator), the Barnard Community Safety Group will be made up of a wide range of constituents, including:

  • Students from all four class years (6)
  • Faculty across the College (5)
  • Dean of the College representative (1)
  • Human Resources representative (1)
  • Barnard Staff Advisory Council representative (1)
  • Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (1)
  • Furman Counseling (1)
  • Student Life (1)
  • Public Safety (3) 
  • Vice President for Campus Services
  • Alumnae representation (2)

(Names will be posted to myBarnard as they are confirmed.)

Meeting Schedule:

  • The Group will have two scheduled meetings during the spring semester; 
  • Staff work will continue during the summer to prepare for ongoing work beginning in the new academic year.

Email Address:

You are welcome to use this email to share your comments or express your interest in volunteering to serve on the Barnard Community Safety Group. Anonymous feedback can be shared via the Google Form below.

If you can't see the formlog into your Barnard email account then return here.