Global Travel

Faculty Travel Registration and Support

The Dean for International and Global Strategy provides crucial pre-departure support and guidance to faculty traveling abroad, as well as support abroad during an emergency.  Barnard College strongly encourages faculty members to consult with the Dean regarding visa and other entry requirements, health preparations and required vaccinations, and policies around U.S. export controls.  Additionally, all faculty traveling internationally on Barnard College business (e.g., conferences, research trips) are highly recommended to register their travel with both Barnard and the U.S. State Department. 

Barnard College has partnered with Columbia University to provide emergency travel support through International SOS (ISOS) to all College affiliates traveling on College business.  ISOS provides international medical and security support services; please see the ISOS Membership E-Guide and the Columbia ISOS main page for more information.  It is important to note that ISOS is NOT international health insurance - all Barnard affiliates should verify their coverage abroad through their regular health insurance provider.   The Dean for International and Global Strategy also monitors international security, natural disasters, medical alerts, and other emerging global issues on a daily basis, and will be in touch with all faculty registered abroad in the case of an emergency in the region. 

Faculty traveling with undergraduate students for any purpose, including faculty research, are required to meet with the Dean in order to understand their responsibilities as a trip leader, and are required to register their travel with Barnard.

For instructions on how to register, please go to Faculty Travel Registration.

For information on U.S. immigration policies, please go to Immigration Updates and Resources.