Instructions for Submitting Course Approval Requests


In order to receive Barnard credit for a course taken while studying abroad, you must:



Submit a Study Abroad Course Approval Form on my.Barnard



blank form                                    completed form


  • You must file a Study Abroad Course Approval Form online through my.Barnard for each course you are taking or are planning to take.
  • To access the Study Abroad Course Approval Form, log in to your my.Barnard account and click the tab for “Academics”. Then, on the right-hand side of the page, find the Study Abroad drop-down options and click on “Course Approval Form.”
  • Click HERE to see a blank Course Approval form. Letters below correspond to each section of the form.

A. Indicate the year and semester or semesters you will be studying abroad

B. Select your program or institution from the drop-down menu. If your program is not listed, select the option that provides the most information about your study abroad location.

C. Enter the start and end dates of the course.

  • Note: When you file another course form you can automatically fill in the information provided in A, B, and C by clicking on “Institution,” then on the name of your program or host institution which will appear in the pop-up window.

D. Enter the official title of the course as indicated in the program or host institution’s course guide.

E. Enter the course number as indicated in the program or host institution’s course guide. If your program or institution does not provide course numbers, enter “n/a.”

F. Enter a link to the syllabus or the course website, if one is available. If not, enter “n/a.” DO NOT submit a link to the general institution’s website.

G. Under Course Description, please provide as much of the following information as you can. Keep in mind that the number of characters you can enter into the dialogue box is limited.

  • Brief course description (you may copy this from an online catalog, departmental website, or syllabus)
  • Number of weeks the course meets
  • Number of contact hours per week and/or the total number of contact hours for the semester, if this information is available to you
  • Type or types of instruction the course comprises (e.g., seminar, lecture, tutorial, studio, discussion group)
  • Means of assessment
  • Number of credits granted by the host institution
  • If you have a pdf of the syllabus, please email it to with an explanation

H. Please enter the number of Barnard credits you are requesting.

  • If your program or university does not provide the U.S. semester credit value for courses, you should familiarize yourself with its credit equivalency system.  If there is any uncertainty, estimate up, not down.  Barnard does not grant more points than a student requests, even if the course is worth more.
  • Barnard never awards more points for a course than the host institution grants, even if the course evaluator has approved it for more.

I. Enter the type of credit you are requesting for the course. You may choose more than one option. Please note that a course must be worth at least 3 Barnard credits to satisfy major, minor or General Education requirements. Independent Study projects cannot be used to satisfy General Education requirements.

J. Enter the department through which you are requesting credit for the course.

  • You may edit or delete course forms that have not yet been reviewed. Once an evaluator has entered a response, you can no longer make changes.
  • Should your course selection change while you are abroad, please submit the new courses online as soon as possible. Delete approval requests for courses you will not be taking if they have not yet been evaluated.


Obtain Approval for the Course from the Appropriate Party

  • Once you have submitted a class on my.Barnard, it will automatically be sent to the appropriate party to be evaluated. All classes submitted to fulfill major or minor requirements will be sent to their designated departmental evaluators for review.
  • In the following departments, the designated departmental evaluator also reviews all requests for College Elective credit:
    • Chemistry, Classics, Comparative Literatures, Neuroscience & Behavior, Slavic, and Spanish & Latin American Cultures.
  • All other courses submitted for College Elective credit will be evaluated by the External Credit Coordinator (ECC), located in the Registrar’s office.
  • Satisfaction of General Education Requirements (9 Ways of Knowing) is determined by the ECC. Requests for 9 Ways of Knowing credit made through Chemistry, Classics, Comparative Literatures, Neuroscience & Behavior, Slavic, and Spanish & Latin American Cultures must be approved by both the ECC and the designated evaluator of the department in question.
  • If a request for GER credit is denied, the course will be automatically be considered by the ECC for College Elective credit unless the request was made through one of the above departments. In those cases, the course will be evaluated for College Elective credit by the designated evaluator of the department in question.
  • You must periodically check the Course Approval Form page on your my.Barnard account for information about your approval requests. Always click on “View Details” next to the magnifying glass icon for any notes from the evaluator. These will show in red. This information is only visible to you when you click View Details.

click on document to see "view details" page

  • If your courses have not been evaluated after a few weeks, you should politely follow up with the appropriate party. Please see above for details about whom to contact regarding approvals for Major, Minor, 9 Ways of Knowing or College Elective credit.
  • Departments may have particular criteria governing the approval of credit for courses abroad. Evaluation of points also varies by type of course.


Have an Official Transcript sent to the Barnard College Registrar

  • At the end of your semester/year abroad, you are responsible for having an Official Transcript sent to:
Office of the Registrar
Barnard College
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027-6598