Arthur O. Eve HEOP Scholars Program (NYS Residents Only)

Since the program was established at Barnard in 1970, the Arthur O. Eve HEOP Scholars Program has been providing students with the academic and financial support to succeed at Barnard and beyond. Scholars can access a lending library, laptop computers, and free tutoring, mentoring, and study skills classes in addition to the resources and support Barnard provides as a small college. The HEOP Scholars Program is funded by New York State; in order to qualify for admission, each student must meet both the financial and academic criteria as defined by the New York State Board of Regents.

HEOP Scholars Program Eligibility

In order to be considered for the HEOP Scholars Program at Barnard College, a student must:

  • Be a legal resident of New York State
  • Be 21 years of age or younger
  • Be a high school graduate by June 30 of the year she plans to enroll
  • Have a high school grade point average (GPA) of at least 85
  • Have a maximum SAT Critical Reading score of 620 OR ACT English sub score of 24
  • Have a taxable family income that meets the low-income guidelines established by the New York State Board of Regents. To qualify for the HEOP Scholars program, families must apply for financial aid and meet the following earning guidelines:

HEOP Program Earning Guidelines

For students enrolling after July 1, 2014 for the 2014-2015 school year.

If the total number in your household (including head of household) is: Then the total annual income for the 2013 calendar year should be no higher than:
1 $21,590
2 $29,101
3 $36,612
4 $44,123
5 $51,634
6 $59,145
7 $66,656
Additional $7,511

HEOP Application Process

All HEOP applicants must qualify academically and financially in order to be considered for the Arthur O. Eve HEOP Scholars Program at Barnard College. Applicants must submit all of the following required documentation by the appropriate deadlines:


Application Deadline: January 1

Please submit The Common Application
 along with your responses to Barnard-specific questions (look under Academics and Special Programs, choose HEOP) and the Barnard College Writing Supplement.

Please note:  Be sure to select the appropriate choice for the HEOP program as noted above.  Once you have done this, question D will dynamically appear for your response on the Barnard Writing Supplement.

For questions concerning your application for admission, contact Admissions Counselor, Alexandra Fields, in the Office of Admissions at or (212) 854-2014.


Application Deadline: February 15 (Regular Decision applicants)

Visit Financial Aid to see all required financial aid forms and documentation.  For questions concerning financial aid eligibility or missing documentation, contact Jacqueline Perez, Associate Director of Financial Aid at (212) 854-2154 or by e-mail at


If students meet both academic and financial qualifications for the HEOP Scholars Program, they may be contacted by the Scholars Office for an interview during the application process.  Please note:  Not every HEOP applicant will be selected for an interview.


For questions concerning the HEOP Scholars Program, contact Admissions Counselor, Alexandra Fields, in the Office of Admissions at or (212) 854-2014. You may also contact the Scholars Office at (212) 854-3583.