Rules for Researchers

  1. All researchers must sign in and show a valid photo ID to an Archives staff member.

  2. All researchers must fill out a research registration card describing their research topic.

  3. No food or beverages are permitted in the Archives.

  4. All cell phones must be turned off in the Archives. There is an upstairs lobby where personal and business calls can be made.

  5. All briefcases, book bags, computer cases, coats, and other personal belongings will be stored in the Archives coat area.
  6. The Archives reserves the right to inspect all research materials and personal belongings before a person leaves the Archives.

  7. Only paper, pencils, and laptop computers may be used at the reading table.

  8. The Archives staff will instruct researchers on handling the material.

  9. Researchers must use a book support (available in the Archives) when viewing books.

  10. Photocopying of materials is completed by the Archives staff.

  11. To scan or photograph materials from the Archives holdings, a researcher must request permission.