Cell phones/Smartphones

College-Provided Devices

Barnard College is no longer purchasing cellphones or smartphones on behalf of members of the community.  Please contact Purchasing for further information on College policies.

Using Smartphones on Campus

Most smartphones (and similar devices, such as iPads) can connect to both the secure wireless network (Barnard Secure) and the guest wireless network (Barnard Guest).  If you are connecting to the guest network, your device's browser will open and require you to acknowledge the College's terms and conditions.  Connecting to the secure network, which we recommend for all members of the Barnard community, may require you to accept a security certificate.

gBear works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices.  Blackberry devices have known syncing issues, and may require periodic reconnection or other work-arounds for daily functionality.

If you need assistance configuring your wireless device, please contact the BCIT Service Desk for an appointment.