Phone service for the administrative campus buildings is provided by Columbia University, either via Voice Over IP service  ("Netphones") or, in a few locations, still via the ROLM system.    

If you have a netphone, CUIT has online guides for using the service, and you can also manage various settings via the web.

Contact CUIT directly at x41919 / 212-854-1919 for these issues:

  • Changing the "display name" on your phone extension (the internal "caller ID" name)
  • Resetting your voicemail password
  • Replacing equipment (base unit, handset, etc.) or getting new equipment (e.g., headsets)
  • Disconnects or poor line quality
  • Adding service features (e.g., long-distance or international calling)

Contact the BCIT Service Desk if you want to:

  • Physically move an existing phone line
  • Request a new phone line