Policy on Backups


Executive Summary

This policy defines current best practices for backing up files and other data that faculty and staff create and edit on their office computers (as opposed to information stored in enterprise systems such as Colleague). 

Reason for the Policy

Presently, there is no enterprise or turnkey backup solution used by the College as a whole.   Many members of the community are concerned about the integrity and continuity of their data, and have inquired about the best way to ensure that their files are protected.

Who is Responsible for This Policy

The VP for Information Technology or her designees.

Who is Governed by This Policy

Faculty and staff.

Policy Statement

BCIT recommends that all files critical to the work of the College be stored on the shared file server (“the N:\ drive”).  Each faculty and permanent staff member has a personal folder on the server which can be used for this purpose.   Note that this space is not suitable for personal files, music or video files, or copies of CDs/DVDs.
If critical files are stored on the file server, then full backups of the computer is not generally necessary.  If there is a specific need due to unusual software or configurations, the BCIT Service Desk can analyze the situation and recommend an alternative solution.  

Cross Reference to Related Policies 

Policy on Use of the College File Server


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Revision History

Created 4/2013