Policy on the Use of the College File Server

Executive Summary

This policy defines the best practices for use of Barnard College’s network file server.


Reason for the Policy

Since the file server is a shared resource, some constraints on its use are necessary so that it can remain available to all members of the community.


Who is Responsible for This Policy

The VP for Information Technology or her designees.


Who is Governed by This Policy

Any faculty, staff, or student employee who uses the network file server.


Policy Statement

The network file server is strictly for files necessary for the work of Barnard College.  It should not be used to store personal files, particularly music, photos, and videos (except where those files are the work of the office or faculty member in question, e.g. College promotional materials).   BCIT will reach out to individuals or departments consuming an unusually large proportion of space on the server to discuss usage and, if necessary, recommend alternative solutions.


BCIT recommends that all critical files be stored on the file server, for reasons of redundancy, security, and availability.  However, the file server is not suitable for taking backups of an office computer or laptop, or for storing copies of software, CDs/DVDs, etc.  The BCIT Service Desk can recommend alternative solutions for backing up computers.


Cross Reference to Related Policies 

Policy on Backups



For questions or comments:

Barnard College Information Technology

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Email: help@barnard.edu

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