Residential Network Support Policy

Executive Summary

This policy defines the network services available in the Barnard College residential buildings, and Barnard College Information Technology’s (BCIT) level of support for them

Reason for the Policy

Due to the varying physical locations, uses, and ownership of the College residence halls, we do not have a homogeneous network environment across all of them. This policy clarifies what services are available in each location, as well as the process of obtaining support for those services.

Who is Responsible for This Policy

Barnard's Vice President for Information Technology or her designee is responsible for the maintenance of this policy and for responding to questions regarding this policy. The College reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

Policy Statement

BCIT supports the Barnard wireless network service (“Barnard Guest” and “Barnard Secure”) in all residential buildings of the College except for Cathedral Gardens and 601 W. 110th St., where the Barnard wireless network service is not available.  Wireless networks that may be found in those two buildings are private and not supported by BCIT.
BCIT does not support the phone or wired network infrastructure in any of the residential buildings of the College, with the following exception:

  • Student residential network services in Cathedral Gardens and 601 W. 110th St. are provided through an external service provider.  BCIT Student Computing will, however, perform basic technical support for connectivity issues, and refer the issue to Residential Life and Housing to contact the external provider if the situation warrants.


Who is Governed by This Policy 

This policy only applies to individuals living spaces in College’s residential buildings.  This does not apply to administrative office spaces within those buildings (e.g., Health Services, Front Desk areas).

Cross References to Related Policies 

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For questions or comments: 
Barnard College Information Technology 
Telephone: (212) 854-7172

Effective Date: April 23, 2013