gBear Password Recovery (Barnard Account)

To change your Barnard password or to recover a forgotten password (for eBear, gBear and wireless), use our Password Self Service tool. You must have set up security questions in advance to be able to recover your password.

Within eBear, you can set up security questions so that if you lose your password, you can reset it yourself online—otherwise, you will have to come to the BCIT Service Desk with your Barnard ID card to have your password reset.

To set up security questions:

  1. Login to eBear,
  2. Go to the Email tab,
  3. Select "Email Utilities" across the top menu bar.
  4. Select " Pwd Self Service" on the left side menu bar.

You can change your Barnard account password within eBear.

If you need to recover your password and have not set up security questions,