To become a recruiting partner at Barnard College the first step is to create a free employer account in Barnard MillieCAREERS. Barnard MillieCAREERS  enables employers to perform key recruiting tasks through a single web site.  Once you have created your employer account in Barnard MillieCAREERS you will be able to:

  • Create and manage your employer profile, gaining visibility with our students
  • Post-employment opportunities (full-time/part-time jobs and internships)
  • Receive and view applications
  • Request on-campus interview schedules
  • Schedule information sessions
  • Register to participate in career fairs

How to Create a New Employer Account in MillieCAREERS:

  1. Sign up for an account at or log in to an existing Handshake account
  2. Complete the required information and add Barnard College under Schools.
  3. Click Create New Employer and verify your registration by clicking the link sent by Handshake to your email.
  4. You will be directed to a new landing page to post a job.

At this time with your account, you can post a job, request information sessions, schedule on-campus interviews, and register for the Career Fair by following the instructions below:


  1. Click Post a Job on your home dashboard.
  2. Complete all required form information. Only fields with an *asterisk are required.
  3. Under the Schools section of the job form, click +ADD ALL SCHOOLS to search and select Barnard College as one of the schools to submit your posting.
  4. Click the green Create button to submit your job posting to Barnard College.


  1. On the left hand navigation, click Job Templates.
  2. Select the specific job posting to edit.
  3. Under the Schools section of the job form, choose Target More Schools to add Barnard College and/or additional schools to submit your posting.
  4. Click the green Save Changes button to submit your job posting to your selected schools.

Posting Full-time, Part-time, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

This is an opportunity for organizations to share full-time, part-time, internship and volunteer positions with our current students and alumnae. MillieCAREERS maintains an on-line site, accessible to our students and alumnae. Posting a position on MillieCAREERS will provide your organization with a listing that is accessible to students and alumnae 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the identified timeframe you selected.  To post a position simply log-in to MillieCAREERS with your employer account and click on “Create Job Posting” under the shortcuts area of the homepage. Students and alumnae can apply to the posting and submit all required documents electronically.

We ask that employers provide a minimum of a two-week window to apply to opportunities posted though MillieCAREERS. If you have a quick turnaround time frame for an open employment opportunity at your organization, we will work with you to create a successful posting experience.

Third Parties Recruiters/Staffing Services

Third parties (employment agencies and search firms) may not list openings online and recruit on-campus nor attend career fairs.

Beyond Barnard at Barnard College reserves the right to make a determination of the appropriateness of the positions being offered for the populations it serves.

Commission-Based Sales Positions:

Employers offering positions that provide compensation that is 100% commission based can offer these positions under the following conditions:

  • The position is for full time employment AND
  • The compensation is clearly disclosed in the position description AND
  • Charge no fees to the candidates


Please contact the Employer & Alumni Relations team at (212) 854-2033 or